Hatcher has it down to three

Hard hitting safety Karnell Hatcher (6'2, 190, 4.6) is still far from making a decision, but says 3 schools are in a tight race for his signature.

"I currently do not have a favorite, but I am seriously looking at three schools right now," said Hatcher.


Which three?


 "I've gotten a lot of offers, but LSU, Alabama, and Miami have been recruiting me the hardest," Hatcher informed.


What separates the schools?



1. LSU


"I get along well with all of the LSU coaches," Hatcher explained. "I'm always talking with coach [D.J. McCarthy. We've established a really good relationship. Actually I just spoke to him letting him know that I can't make the trip to Baton Rouge this weekend. I was supposed to go see the campus and the facilities, but my family and I had trouble getting plane tickets. Now I think I am going to make an official visit to LSU sometime during the season. Another thing that I like about LSU is what the LSU coaching staff did with their safety (Laron Landry) that just got drafted. I was really impressed with the way they helped him develop as a player."



2. Miami


"Everybody knows Miami sends defensive backs to the league and that is something that keeps me interested in them," Hatcher said. "It will not be a deciding factor, but Miami is close enough for my parents to be able to come and watch me play."



3. Alabama


"I do not know too much about Alabama," Hatcher said. "I still need to do a little research on their team, but they are a team that has stayed in touch with me for a while now and that is something I respect."


So when will Hatcher announce his big decision?


"I think I am going to make my decision in February on signing day," Hatcher informed. "This is a major decision in my life and it is something I want to think out to the fullest."



Note: Last season, for Atlantic High School, Hatcher racked up 65 tackles with 1 interception. He also maintained a 3.1 GPA and scored a 1050 on the SAT.

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