Hurst coming down the final stretch

Tennessee product Alex Hurst (6'6, 305) out of Arlington High School recently made his decision on when he will announce his college choice.

"I will make my announcement sometime in September," Hurst informed. 


What teams will he be deciding from?


"Right now I am still looking at my top 3 schools (LSU, Tennessee, and Notre Dame)." said Hurst. 


The last time caught up with Hurst he had only received one offer from one of his top 3 schools and that was LSU. Has anything changed since then?


"I received an offer from Tennessee, but I am still waiting to receive an offer from Notre Dame," Hurst explained. "I'm expecting to receive one from them next month."


So what separates the schools?


"They are all good universities and they are all a good distance from my house," Hurst answered. "I think they all have nice facilities too, but I think LSU's facilities are nicer than Tennessee's. Notre Dame has nice facilities as well, but their locker room is different than both LSU and Tennessee. It has more of an old school look to it because the lockers still have wooden frames and there are no plasma T.Vs and things like that in it."


Does Hurst hear from one school more than another?


"I receive text messages from all 3 schools just about everyday," said Hurst. "However, coach Porter from LSU and I have become close as of late. I think we have a pretty good relationship. It's nice to talk to him about things away from football"


What are some factors that may play a role in Hurst's ultimate decision?


"Getting early playing time will definitely play a role in my decision," Hurst informed. "Coach Miles from LSU said he was going to be losing a few lineman and I could probably see some early playing time over there.


"Staying in my home state to play football would be nice, but that will not be a deciding factor in my final decision. Most of my friends and family here in Tennessee have said they would support my decision if I were to chose either LSU or Notre Dame over Tennessee."


What else is Hurst going to be looking at?


"If anything crazy would happen such as a coach leaving a school or something like that," Hurst explained. That would probably alter my decision one way or the other. I want to make sure that the guy who recruited me is going to be there when I arrive on campus in 2008."


Hurst was recently named to the 2007 Vandy Mania Tennessee Super 44 List for his play as an offensive lineman last season. The Super 44 list is a list of Tennessee's best high school football players. Hurst also added his name to the All-Metro team as well.


Hurst ended the conversation with this.


"I like being a lineman because there isn't a play that goes by in which I do not get the chance to hit somebody," said Hurst. "There is contact after every snap and I like hitting people."

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