Clement says he wants early playing time's four-star defensive end Chase Clement (6' 6.5, 250, 4.62) recently spoke with LSU Tigerrag about his past visit to LSU as well as the start of his final year of high school football.

Last year while playing for E.D White High School, Clement played middle linebacker on defense as well as tight-end on offense. This year however, Clement will be going up against the hogs, as he expects to play on the defensive line and will continue to serve his role on offense as a tight-end.


What's been going on with Clement?


"Today was our first day of two-a-days," Clement informed.


Was he prepared?


"Definitely," Clement answered. "It was a really good day for me. We did some lifting and also recorded our 40 times. I ran a 4.62 40 yard dash today."


So how was the LSU camp last weekend?


"Awesome man," Clement said. "It was exactly what I expected to be. In the morning the coaches had me playing at defensive end and in the afternoon I lined up at tight-end."


How did he perform?


"I did very well," Clement explained. "I know I am a good defensive end, but I guess you could say I kind of surprised myself at how well I did. Then on offense when I was at tight-end, I think I surprised some of the coaches. I do not think they were expecting me to be as fast as I was."


Did anyone acknowledge Clements performance?


"Some of the coaches were telling me how hard it is to find a guy of my size that also has my kind of speed," Clement informed. "They told me I wouldn't have to redshirt at all if I decided to go there. They said there was no doubt that I could come in and play right away.


"I really want to play early too," said Clement. " I want to go somewhere where I wouldn't have to wait around to play. That is something that is very important to me."


Now that the camp is over, where does LSU currently stand with Clement?


"LSU is still in my top 6 (LSU, Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, Tualne, and Louisiana Tech)," Clement explained. "It is all kind of confusing right now, so I think I am going to wait until signing day or around that time to make my decision."


Any official visits set up?


"I do not have any visits set up as of now," Clement answered. "Besides the LSU camp though, I also went to camps at Ole Miss, Florida and I took a tour of Alabama."


How did those visits go?


"The Ole Miss camp was nice," said Clement. "When I visited Alabama there was a camp going on, but I didn't participate in it. Instead, I just checked out the campus a little. I also went to the Friday night lights camp at Florida."


Clement is open to playing on either side of the ball.


"All of the schools recruiting me are looking at me as an athlete," said Clement. "The category is Athlete/Big. I feel confident playing offense or defense so it doesn't really matter to me where I play. I feel like I have good hands on offense and on defense I move quickly off of the ball. I'm very confident in my abilities."


Note: As a junior, Clement was named as the District Defensive MVP. While playing middle linebacker last season he recorded 79 tackles and 3 sacks. On offense, as a tight-end, he caught 12 passes for 182 yards and 2 touchdowns.

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