Fuller might wait it out

Up until last season, Jeffrey Fuller (6'4, 200, 4.55) had been one of the best kept secrets in Texas, but now the story is out on this kid.

Not only is Fuller big and tall, but for a player of his size, he can flat out fly to the football. It is his size and speed that is causing teams to salivate over him.


"I have a lot of offers, but I've narrowed my list down to seven schools (LSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio St, and Florida)," said Fuller. "I hear from all of these schools about the same. They are all recruiting me pretty hard."


So where does he stand with his plans?


"I just got back from a Texas A&M camp as well as a Texas camp," Fuller informed. "They both went pretty well. The Texas camp was pretty much a 1-on-1 camp and the A&M camp was composed of like two practices. During the day at A&M we went through some drills and worked on different techniques and then at night the camp was turned into different game situations. It was a lot of fun."


Will he be making trips to any of his other top schools?


"I am definitely taking some official visits this season, but I am not sure when or where just yet," Fuller informed. "I'd like to make it to LSU in September for a game, but I think most of their rival games are in October so I might wait until then. I want to see them play a team like Auburn or Florida. I talk to coach [D.J. McCarthy every once in a while so I'm going to ask him about setting it up."


What will his decision boil down to?


"There are a few things that I am considering." Fuller explained.





"I'm big into academics, said Fuller. " I want to go to a prestigious school and graduate with a great degree because I know there is life after football."





"I'm looking at the coaching staff, Fuller informed." "I want to play for coaches that I believe will help me develop as a player. I want to play for the guys that will help me reach my ultimate goal of making it to the NFL."





"I am also looking at the community and the atmosphere on campus," said Fuller. "Where ever I decide to go, I plan on being there for four years. I do not want to go a place where I might be miserable, so feeling comfortable will play a major role in my decision as well."



Quarterback and Scheme:


"I am definitely looking at who the quarterback is or will be and also at what kind of offense the team runs," Fuller explained. "I want to have a quarterback that I am confident will be able to get me the ball and I do not want to go to a team that is more run oriented. I want to play a big role in the offense."



Playing Early:


"If I am as good as I know I am then I do not see why I wouldn't be able to play as a freshman, said Fuller. "I'm a big guy so I know I have the size to play right away. It is not that big of a deal to me though if I do not get to play as a freshman because I know I'll get to play eventually."



So when will the big decision be made?


"Right now I like all of the teams about the same," Fuller answered. "I like all of my top teams. I think I might wait it out and see everything that I want to see on my official visits before I make a decision."



Note: Fuller maintained a 3.6 GPA last school year and recorded a 1200 on the SAT. While playing wide receiver for McKinney Boyd High School last year, Fuller caught 26 passes for 380 yards and 3 TD's. He also earned 2nd team all-district honors.

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