PRACTICE REPORT: Sunday morning 8-05

Just because it's Sunday morning, that doesn't matter when it's August.

While most Tiger fans were either attending church or sleeping in, coach Les Miles and his LSU Tigers were back to work this morning in a dew-covered Charles McClendon Practice Facility.

Day two of Fall Camp got underway this morning at approximately 9:20. Upon arrival, the first stop of the day was with the defensive secondary. Coach Doug Mallory took his squad through cone drills in period two and it wasn't long before – between drills – the defensive backs coach was encouraging his players to drink plenty of water. While the temperatures were in the mid 80s, the humidity made things very sticky.

Staring free safety Curtis Taylor was seen working with a couple of players offering instruction during one drill. It's pretty obvious he will be considered one of the leaders on this defense.

Moving on down the line, in period three the quarterbacks and receivers ran through a variety of drills, including a series of out-routes marked off by several cones. The purpose of the drills was to emphasize route-running. Matt Flynn made a nice throw to Early Doucet on the first rep. However, the senior receiver couldn't come up with it. The next time around, Flynn was well off he mark on the 15-yard throw, hurling the pass well above the head of Doucet. However, Doucet's leaping abilities allowed the 6-0, 207-pound receiver to come up with the catch. Near the end of period three, receivers coach DJ McCarthy led the receivers through a drill in which they fight off a defender coming off the line of scrimmage. McCarthy, who is much smaller in stature than most of LSU's receivers (except, of course, Trindon Holliday, donned pads on each arm and told the members of his unit to fight through him.

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Coach DJ McCarthy and wideout Ricky Dixon

"Get violent with it," McCarthy barked. "Just don't hurt me."

Speaking of the receivers, Chris Mitchell wasn't participating in practice this morning. The 6-0, 176-pound sophomore wideout was seen tossing a football with an older gentlemen in street clothes throughout much of the four periods the media was allowed into practice. On the other end of the field, offensive lineman Will Arnold was observed during linemen drills. There is some speculation as to just how healthy the preseason all-American really is. As all linemen do, Arnold was wearing braces on both knees and seemed to limp only slightly. There are some rumors that he might play some tackle this year, but it appeared he was lining up at guard during these particular drills.

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73 - Will Arnold

Near the end of the fourth period, it was observed that Times-Picayune sports writer Jim Kleinpeter and Gannett News reporter Glenn Guilbeau were having a discussion while both were wearing Houston Astros caps. Someone asked them, "are you guys here to talk to Chad Jones?" Both laughed.

Stay tuned for a more detailed account of this morning's workout in Jeremy Kenny's "Opinions & Observations."

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