PRACTICE REPORT: Monday afternoon 8-06

For the first time this Fall Camp, the Tigers retreated to the confines of the indoor facility at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility.

The Tigers, both the freshmen and varsity, spent a great deal of time inside last August, mostly due to heavy rain that pelted the Baton Rouge area in the late summer of 2006. Baton Rouge hasn't had rain in well over a week, but still coach Les Miles moved his team inside this afternoon.

The reason given was that the practice fields at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility were taking a beating due to the two-a-day practices. However, since two players – Terrance Toliver and Jared Mitchell – were held out of yesterday's workout, one has to think that the inside workout had to do with the extremely hot and humid afternoon conditions in which these newcomers have been subjected to the last two days.

At any rate, the Tigers were indoors this afternoon for a 4:15 practice session. Toliver, who was missing on Sunday, was back in action today, albeit in a green, "no-contact" jersey. But Mitchell was a no-show once again.

Interestingly, the first period was a bunch of push and shove. The team, skill players included, were involved in a drill where players were paired off in a system of long lines, separated by white (offense) and purple (defense) jerseys. On the coaches whistles, one line would drive into the other. It was simply, a blocking drill, but basically was something to get the players worked into a lather.

The team then split into its usual groups to work on individual drills. One good thing about the split squad practices is that you get to see some of the top freshmen in the country going head to head. If the team was grouped together, you would see these freshmen going against seasoned SEC players. Instead, there are matchups like Terrance Toliver and Demetrius Byrd and Will Blackwell going against Sidell Corley.

But by Wednesday, these pups will be mixed in with the veteran and it is basically a bunch of rookies being thrown to the wolves. Then we get to see Drake Nevis going head to head with the likes of Glenn Dorsey. That is when the fun begins.

Spotted at practice today was former LSU star Rohan Davey. The ex-LSU signal caller is back in Baton Rouge serving as an assistant coach at nearby University High.

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