LSU vs. Mississippi State: Matchups

A look at the head-to-head showdown between the Tigers and Bulldogs.

LSU rushing offense vs. MSU rushing defense

LaBrandon Toefield is just chomping at the bit to have a big game against an SEC opponent, and it would make a strong statement if he were to get it against a physical team like Mississippi State. Chances are Toefield will enjoy a productive day with help from Domanick Davis and Joseph Addai.

Advantage: LSU


LSU passing offense vs. MSU pass defense

Mississippi State has allowed less than 160 yards passing per game in its first three contests, but the Bulldogs have yet to play against a dangerous passing team. That label certainly doesn't fit LSU, but the weapons are there to do the job for the Tigers.

Advantage: PUSH


MSU rushing offense vs. LSU rushing defense

The Bulldogs have done a nice of recruiting power backs to Starkville, but they've yet to deliver the type of production you would expect from a ground-oriented team. Through three games, Mississippi State is averaging under 100 yards rushing. LSU has the defense to keep that streak intact.

Advantage: LSU


MSU passing offense vs. LSU pass defense

The Tigers' secondary passed its first true test against Miami of Ohio, but Mississippi State won't cower as quickly as the RedHawks did against LSU's physical coverage. A key for LSU will be getting pressure on MSU quarterback Kevin Fant, who makes mistakes when the heat is on.

Advantage: LSU


LSU special teams vs. MSU special teams

Mississippi State's Jared Cook is averaging better than 45 yards a punt on 16 attempts. Outside of his performance, the Bulldogs' special teams haven't done much worth noting. LSU features better returners, better coverage and better kickers. If Donnie Jones can't punt, the Tigers will be ok with John Corbello.

Advantage: LSU



The talk over the last week in TigerTown has been about how LSU has not fared well in day games. Based upon last year's showings against Alabama and Arkansas, the Tigers seem to be past that stigma. A resounding win over Mississippi State should prove to every doubting LSU fan "that dawg don't hunt."

Advantage: LSU



It would be amazing if LSU repeated its 42-0 performance from last season's meeting with Mississippi State in Starkville, but it seems the chips are stacked much more favorably toward the Tigers in this game. The Bulldogs have been scoring most of their points in the first half then petering off in the second half. If LSU builds an early lead and doesn't let up, it will be a strong win for the Tigers.

LSU 30, Mississippi State 10

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