Still Favoring Four

Destrehan High School product, Jerico Nelson (5-10, 198, 4.5) has been putting in the time for his senior year as well as for his collegiate career. He recently caught up with to discuss his view on everything going on in his life.

Jerico Nelson Profile

"We started practicing already," Nelson informed. "We play Salmen High School this weekend in a scrimmage and then we host our jamboree on August 23rd."


Is Nelson ready for his senior season to begin?


"Yeah I am excited about playing," he answered. "I'll be playing on both sides of the ball again this year and that is something I like to do. This season though, I'll probably get a little break when I am playing running back because we got a guy coming back from an injury and we'll probably share a little time so it shouldn't be that bad."


Has anything changed with recruiting for Nelson?


"Well before the messaging ban, I spoke to coaches from all of my top four (LSU, Miami, Alabama, and Florida) schools just about everyday," he said. "Since then though, I only really communicate to the coaches that know my email address."


Anyone from LSU?


"Yeah, me and coach [Larry] Porter email each other," Nelson said. "He's been telling me how he'd like to see me make it to a couple of LSU games this year and then we just talk about other things going on in my life."


Will Nelson be making any trips to Death Valley?


"I am going to go to the LSU vs. Virginia Tech game for sure," he stated. "The only game I think that I'll be traveling to see LSU will be the LSU vs. Alabama game."


Being that LSU plays a couple of Nelson's other top teams, would it make a difference to him if one team loses or wins?


"Well let's say LSU would beat Alabama," Nelson explained. "There is two ways I would look at that. I would think that maybe Alabama could use my help or that LSU just has a solid program and that may be something I want to be a part of.


"Other than that though, when I go to the games I will be looking at how teams rotate their players in and out and things like that. I am also going to look at the depth charts to see if I would have a good shot at seeing some early playing time or not."


Is his announcement date still set for February?


"Yes it is," Nelson replied. "I think I am going to wait it out all the way until February."

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