Evening Practice Report

It was back inside and in shells for the Tigers on Wednesday afternoon and TigerRag.com was back to watch again for the allotted three periods.

Like the morning session, the only players in green jerseys this afternoon were the quarterbacks.


However, the same cannot be said for the number of players that missed practice. In addition to Mark Snyder, Jordan Corbin, Jacob Cutrera, Perry Riley, and Richard Dickson, several veterans like Early Doucet, Tyson Jackson, and Glenn Dorsey were also absent from practice.


Now maybe it's just me, but it seems kind of unlikely that arguably the three best players on the team all missed the same practice, especially considering two of them(Doucet and Jackson) have not missed any practices or had any type of injury at all from what I recall. I think it's at least possible that the three of them had some type of function to attend that caused them to miss practice.


There seemed to be a lot of teaching going on with the offensive line while we were allowed at practice because most of the time we were there they were standing around listening to Coach Studrawa talk.


The defensive line was working on a pass rushing drill to help them stay in their lanes while rushing up field. There were four "blockers" spaced out about 3 feet apart in front of them, and they would line up three at a time and each rusher would fill a gap in between blockers. The linebackers were working on making reads after the ball is snapped. Shomari Clemons was once again working with the linebackers instead of defensive backs this afternoon.


The defensive backs worked on coming from behind and stripping the ball out of the ball carriers hands. They paired up along the sideline, and the player with the ball would take off, while the defender had to come up behind him and strip the ball loose, then scoop the ball up off the ground and sprint back to the sideline with it. Jonathan Zenon did not take part in this drill. His fingers on both hands were heavily taped, so having someone hit him on his hand constantly trying to knock the ball loose probably wasn't a good idea.


After this drill they went back and did more of the drill from this morning where they split the field in half and worked on nickel coverages. This time Jai Eugene participated in the drill as a nickel on the left side of the field while Chad Jones shifted over to the right side nickel taking Danny McCray's spot. Ron Brooks also rotated in with Jones.


When the running backs went with the quarterbacks this afternoon they worked on little swing passes out of the shotgun. For what it's worth, Charles Scott was the first to go in these drills. One other thing to note is that Keiland Williams had a visor on his helmet this afternoon which was new for No. 5. The practice was inside so there was no sun, and as far as I know the players are not allowed to wear visors unless they have a medical reason.


This morning we reported that Matt Flynn did not throw too many passes and spent most of practice watching from the side with his chin strap unbuckled. Well this afternoon, Flynn did not throw a single pass and spent the entire time watching from the side with his helmet off. Also I found it interesting that in Flynn's absence, Andrew Hatch was first in the quarterback line, ahead of both Perrilloux and Lee. The Harvard transfer has been looking good throughout camp and his emergence could really help if the coaches are faced with having to have a third quarterback play this year.


The wide receivers finally ran some downfield routes this afternoon, but it didn't seem as though the routes were things they would be doing in a game. The first route they ran was a double post corner, where they actually ran a post corner twice in the same route. With the way they were running the route and the way coach McCarthy was watching them, it seemed like this was designed to work on making cuts in their routes, not an actual route they'd be running in a game.


The second route was kind of like a post, but the break was not really sharp enough to call it that. It was more like they ran straight for 10 yards then just kind of drifted toward the middle of the field. This drill seemed like it was designed to get them to run full speed through the catch because they started from about the 40 yard line and as soon as they started drifting towards the middle of the field the quarterback would loft the ball up very softly into the endzone to where the only way they would get to the ball is if they ran full speed the entire time.


That's all for this afternoon's practice but be sure to check back tomorrow morning for the morning practice report.

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