The Tigers began their second day of preparation for Mississippi State this afternoon at the Charles McClendon practice facility.

There were two players absent from practice this afternoon. Defensive end Tremaine Johnson and defensive tackle Al Woods were both missing from the defensive linemen drills during the first three periods of today's practice. Freshman safety Stefoin Francois was wearing a green non contact jersey. Those were the only three players whose status from yesterday has changed.


I watched the offensive linemen a little longer than usual today to try to get a better idea of what the depth chart may look like there. They started off hitting the sled in pairs again like yesterday, but after that they went into another blocking drill where they split the line in half and went one side at a time. The first team right side was Carnell Stewart at tackle and Lyle Hitt at guard. The first team left side was Ciron Black at tackle and Herman Johnson at guard. The second team on the right side was Joseph Barksdale at tackle and Josh Dworaczyk at guard. The second team on the left side was Jarvis Jones at tackle and Will Arnold at guard.


The kickers were out at practice today working on kickoffs. Colt David, Andrew Crutchfield, and Josh Jasper all took turns kicking off. They all directed their balls to the right side of the field and all reached about the 5 yard line. All three of them had a kick or two that they missed and went knuckling out of bounds.


The defensive line was going through sled drills for most of the time again today, and they didn't really appear to be going in any type of order. When Charles Alexander and Glenn Dorsey lined up on the sled, two practice players were on it with them. Kirston Pittman was hitting the sled from the left side and Tyson Jackson from the right. It was kind of like the wide receivers going through drills in just whatever order they lined up in.


Onto the linebackers, they were going through the same drills again as yesterday, but one thing that I forgot to mention yesterday was that Derrick Odom was in a maroon practice squad jersey, which he also donned again today.


The defensive backs were going through basic coverages today. The first unit was the same as always with Chevis Jackson, Jonathan Zenon, Curtis Taylor, and Craig Steltz. The second team was Jai Eugene at right cornerback behind Jackson, Chris Hawkins at left cornerback behind Zenon, Danny McCray at free safety behind Taylor, and Harry Coleman at strong safety behind Steltz. While the second team was on the field, Jonathan Zenon was on the sideline receiving treatment from a trainer on both of his ankles.


The receivers were working on creating separation from defensive backs in their routes. Coach McCarthy got up on the line with each one of them, and bumped and harassed them the entire time they were running, and they had to get them off of him with their arm. He stressed using their "fins," which is what he called elbows, instead of hands to push off because when referees look for push offs they are looking for hands. Demetrius Byrd had a couple of drops again today.


When the running backs went with the quarterbacks they worked on running play action plays where the quarterback would fake to the tailback then roll out and hit the fullback on a flare out of the backfield. It's a play that's undoubtedly meant to get the ball in Jacob Hester's hands. Shawn Jordan had some trouble keeping his feet under him when running these routes. Later on the tailbacks worked on catching swing passes out of the shotgun. Also, Ryan Perrilloux did not participate in any of these drills with the running backs from what I saw. He stood off to the side with his helmet off the entire time I was watching them, kind of like Matt Flynn did last week. I'm pretty sure he was throwing at the beginning of practice though.


One other thing to note, there was an officiating crew at practice watching today while we were there, so apparently there is going to be some type of scrimmage or live action at practice today.


That's all for today's practice. The team will hit the field once more tomorrow morning before having Thursday off.

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