TIGER BYTES: Gary Crowton

LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton gives his insight on having the "Hot Hand."

On what it takes to be a hot hand…

"There are a couple of things that happen in a hot hand. Number one they have to be prepared to play, they know what they are doing and they understand defensives. They must understand how they are attacking them.

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"Secondly they must be healthy, because you want them to be able to use their talent, their strength and speed. Sometimes we just get guys that get a good feel for the game and their vision is good and that day good things happen. We recognize that we need to get them going too.

"You can't just bring a guy in and give it to him once and expect him to be hot hands. You have to work those backs and make them stronger. Make sure they've had enough reps in practice so they will get their hot hands."

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