Tigers at it again on Saturday

The Tigers are now five days away from the season opener against Mississippi State and were back on the practice field in full pads this morning to continue preparations.

The intensity definitely picked up this morning from yesterday morning. The players had an extra hop in their step this morning and there was lots of shouting and yelling going on. You could definitely tell the players were excited about it being game week this morning.

Once again everyone was at practice this morning except for the people that are known to be out with injuries. Jacob Cutrera was in a green jersey again this morning and still had that big stabilizing brace on his arm.

The offensive line started the morning hitting the sled again and then went onto their regular blocking drills.

The defensive line also started the morning hitting the sled, except they were having a little competition to see who could hit the sled the best between the first and second line. This is where a lot of the yelling and shouting was going on. The coaches said the second team won the first snap and the first team won the second snap. Ricky Jean Francois was dressed out in full pads but did not have his helmet on and was not participating in drills when I watched them.

The linebackers were also hitting the sled for a while this morning. This was another group where there was a lot of shouting and yelling going on. Jacob Cutrera was not hitting the sled but did participate in all non contact drills.

The defensive backs were working on their nickel packages this morning. The first team nickel was Danny McCray. Jai Eugene was the second team nickel.

The quarterbacks and receivers were working on a lot of routes this morning, mostly out of twin receiver sets on the right side of the field. Brandon Lafell and Ricky Dixon were both commended by Coach McCarthy for running good routes when they were running corner routes. The backup quarterbacks after Flynn and Perrilloux were struggling some with their accuracy this morning.

When the running backs went to work with the quarterbacks they worked on a play where the running back lined up in the slot and ran a bubble screen towards the sideline while the outside receiver blocked down.

Richard Murphy went first in the drill, followed by Jacob Hester. Later as we were walking out of practice they were running toss plays against the scout team, and Murphy went first again, followed by Hester and then Trindon Holliday.

That's all for this morning's practice. Check back later today for coverage of Coach Miles' press conference after today's practice.

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