The Tigers were back at it in full pads again this afternoon at the Charles McClendon practice facility.

The team began practice outside but was quickly forced inside thanks to the inclement weather surrounding the area and featuring plenty of thunder and lightning.


There once again appeared to be no absences at today's practice, which was treated as a Wednesday in a normal game week. Offensive guard Andrew Decker was at practice this afternoon after missing a few weeks with a neck injury. Decker went through offensive line drills and went with the scout team offensive line to work against the defensive line, but he did not appear to be participating in these drills.


Yesterday I mentioned a few players that were awarded the "Tiger Club" distinction. Today I got a chance to see most of the players that were given the honor. They are listed below:


Colt David, Jacob O'Hair, Matt Flynn, Ryan Perrilloux, Jacob Hester, Quinn Johnson, Keiland Williams, Charles Scott, Richard Murphy, Mit Cole, Keith Zinger, Richard Dickson, Jared Mitchell, Trindon Holliday, Brandon Lafell, Chris Mitchell, Terrance Toliver, RJ Jackson, Al Woods, Tremaine Johnson, Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Marlon Favorite, Charles Alexander, Lazarius Levingston, Darry Beckwith, Ali Highsmith, Jacob Cutrera, Jeremy Benton, Chevis Jackson, Curtis Taylor, Jai Eugene, Chris Hawkins, Danny McCray, Harry Coleman


When the receivers went to work with the quarterbacks today, a few of them lined up strictly in the slot and the rest lined up wide. Early Doucet, Jared Mitchell, Josh McManus, and Trindon Holliday lined up in the slot. Brandon Lafell, Chris Mitchell, Terrance Toliver, Ricky Dixon, Demetrius Byrd, and RJ Jackson lined up wide. Trindon Holliday had another easy drop but followed it up on the next rep with a very nice one handed catch.


The running backs were working on blocking in their individual drills. But it was kind of odd because it looked like they were run blocking and actually chasing the linebacker instead of the linebacker rushing at them. When they went with the quarterbacks they worked on routes after play action, mostly screens and flats.


The defensive backs began practice working on covering tight ends coming off the line of scrimmage. Later on in practice they worked on their nickel and dime drills again. On the right side of the field was Jai Eugene at corner, Craig Steltz at safety, and Chad Jones at nickel. The left side of the field was Chris Hawkins at corner, Harry Coleman at safety, and Danny McCray at nickel.


That's all for today's practice. Practices the rest of the week are closed to the media.

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