2009 PROSPECT PROFILE: Rueban Randle

Louisiana has always produced at least a handful of top flight wide receiver prospects every year. 2009 looks like it will be following suit, and the early candidate for top receiver in the state is Rueben Randle from Bastrop.

At 6-3 and 197 pounds, Randle already has the size of a major Div. 1 receiver. Add in a 4.47 hand timed 40 yard dash and you have the makings of a possibly dominating combination of size and speed. Last year as a sophomore that combination helped Randle earn second team all district honors while reeling in 14 catches for 433 yards and 7 touchdowns lining up on the other side of the field from 2007 LSU signee Deangelo Benton.


With Benton having graduated, the Rams will be counting on Randle to step up as the go to receiver, and that should lead to much bigger numbers. But stats don't concern Randle very much.


"I just want to make plays whenever my team needs me, whether it's making a big catch or a block," Randle said. "I'll go back behind center and take a few snaps if I need to, I just hate to lose. I've never really been big on stats; just want to make plays when I need to."


What makes Randle such a big threat as a receiver and makes him standout from other guys?


"I would say my knowledge of the game, and just learning from other people. I know how to use my height and weight to get an advantage on my defenders."


Randle certainly added to that knowledge this summer by attending camps at a few different schools.


"I went to camps at Mississippi State, LSU, and Alabama. I enjoyed all of them and did well at all of them. I think I caught some coaches' eyes."


Speaking of coaches, a few of them have already started sending Randle a few letters in the mail.


"I've gotten mail from Auburn, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and that's all I can think of right now," said Randle. "There's not really any particular school I want to hear from, I just want to hear from whoever will give me the chance to play, because that's all I really want to do."


What about Randle's thoughts on the home state Tigers?


"They're a great school and I'd really like to attend there," said Randle. "I just hope they'll give me an opportunity to play. I don't really have a list of schools yet, but if I did they would be one of my favorite schools. I'm going to try to make some games this year but I'm not sure which ones yet."


Rueben Randle claims a 3.3 GPA and has yet to take the ACT.

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