TR TV: Miles comments following Tech romp

Les Miles was pleased with his team's 48-7 rout of No. 9 Virginia Tech. However, Miles began downplaying the team's accomplishment almost immediately. Tune in...


Opening statement... "We recognized we played a very quality opponent and we played well. We had no turnovers and our defense played really well from start to finish. Our offense paid attention to detail and executed."

"I can tell you that we are not there yet. You can save the accolades for later in life because we have only won two games. We have a lot of football to play. I am very excited about how we prepared and I can tell you that this team knew that this was going to be an emotional game. They got a victory from us a few years ago and the opportunity to even that score was upon us. We understood that they are a quality team that could play well and they did. I can promise you this, don't make too much of this win. It is all about what we have to get done in the future."

On the offense... "I think the plan to mix tailbacks and to mix styles of playing benefited us. Matt Flynn had a really good game with managing the game. He did some things that we need our quarterback to give us in terms of leadership. He didn't play perfect, but he did well. I enjoyed the fact that we got our second-team quarterback (Ryan Perrilloux) in there and he played well. He has too. We are counting on a good quality quarterback no matter who is in the game. Perrilloux came in the game and gave us a nice little lift and was able to run the offense that we had gameplaned for our opponent. He did a very good job."

On the running game... "I enjoyed seeing the tailbacks do well. Hester was a tough cardinal running through the line early in the game. We got some great runs out of Keiland Williams. We gathered some good rushing yards on a very talented defense."

On how the defense played... "Defensively, week after week you can see it. It is about speed to the ball and attention to detail. Guys with our helmets were all around the football."

On the special teams performance... "Special teams was challenged today. I didn't like the return yardage that came against our kickoff team. That will be easy to correct. It will take some work and effort but our guys will understand it and come to play. Virginia Tech had a great reputation of blocking kicks and that is something we were able to avoid. Not perfect, but it was a quality outing against a very good ball club."

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