Miles meets the media on Monday

Les Miles met with the media on Monday for his weekly press luncheon.


Opening Statement:


We were very well prepared and the players executed the gameplan very very well. Offensively we had great balance – rushed for 300, threw for 300 – 598 all up. Any way you carve it that's a nice day offensively. Hester came out on the first drive and really provided the spark that we needed, got a touchdown, and set the tone for the day.


Defensively we know what to expect, but when, as a coach, you hear it described in a way that's not necessarily professional but very accurate – my wife said to me the other day, "It seems like when they call a stunt everyone goes flying to the ball this way but there's always someone coming over the top to protect any play that might break," and that's called coordinated defense and that's what we're playing at LSU right now.


I enjoyed coming down the hill this weekend. That was one of the strongest walks and the largest crowd outside the stadium that I'd ever seen. Once we got inside the stadium it was very evident why Gameday and the rest of America now know what the rest of us have known for some time – that this is the best game day experience in America. We had the largest crowd in Tiger Stadium, it was very special that our team performed the way they would have hoped.


Our defensive MVP and the SEC Defensive Player of the Week was Kirston Pittman, who had eight tackles and really made some great plays, allowing our defense to hold a very confident offense to 149 yards of total offense.


Our MVP for the week, Helms played well, Ciron Black played well, Keiland Williams came in and got some good yardage. There were a number of men who performed extremely well for our offense, but this guy, it's important that he's heard, and that's Jojo Lafell, number one.


On special teams, considering the number of rushed punts Virginia Tech was likely to give us, and the style of practice and preparation, we gave our three big guys in the shield our MVP awards. That would be Mit Cole, Pep Livingston, and Quinn Johnson. Those guys stepped up in there and provided good old fashioned contact to protect that punt.


This is a very talented opponent, they put 42 points on number eight Louisville and they were Sunbelt Conference champions a year ago. They played in the Music City Bowl. If you look at the numbers of teams that they've played – they have a number of victories over Vanderbilt – I know the year that we went into overtime in ‘05 at Alabama for the win, that in that year Middle Tennessee played Alabama extremely well. If you look at some of the scores in college football it tells you that you'd better be ready to play, and it doesn't matter what conference they're in, what their record is, but if they've got talent it doesn't matter if you've got talent, what conference you're in, only how you prepare. I can tell you if you look at the Auburn-South Florida score, that's the most recent in memory.


On offense they have a quarterback who threw for a career record against Louisville, they have two tailbacks. The backup came in and got three touchdowns and 144 yards, the first team guy added another 72 on 7 carries. They're a very talented tailback core. They have a good offensive line, seven starters are back on the defensive side, and they have ten guys who started in four or more games. Their defense understands where they're at and they understand how to play, and I can tell you from watching them they will come after you and they have team speed on defense. We will have to prepare and be ready to play and play well.



On Flynn's status:

I don't think were really worried at this point. We've taken some precautionary steps, given him the day off, we'll look at him again on Tuesday and Wednesday.



Where LSU needs to improve:

There are things, I promise you, and we're working on them regularly. If you have a good game it shows where you have really strong execution but also shows you where you could be a lot better.



On the receivers:

I think Brandon LaFell made his point, and we're looking forward to making it on a regular basis. All the guys, Terrence Toliver, Chris Mitchell, if you watch how they're coming – you'd better pick your double coverage wisely, we have the opportunity to go in another direction, they're a very talented receiver set.



Matt vs. Perrilloux:

I think Matt manages the game in difficult situations extremely well. He doesn't seem to put undue pressure on himself. When you sit back there with the ball in hand you like to make every play. He understands that a throwaway is a good response to a play that's gone wrong, and I think that Ryan to me shows some mobility and an ability to throw. I think he's coming of age, but I think it's a work in progress.



Formations vs. 2006

I think we substitute more and change personnel more often than we did a year ago. We're much less predictable. Our style of offense is much less predictable for that reason.



Perrilloux vs. Flynn (again)

I don't think he gives us anything that Matt doesn't, I think he gives us things matt gives us as well. We're fortunate to have another talented quarterback and we can prepare another quarterback for play.



New offensive formation:

It's not as revolutionary as you might think. The snap is a very comfortable one to take, so you have ball security and the ball carriers can go after it very easily. It became a very comfortable adjustment from the shotgun snap. It's a little shorter and gives you the potential to put the backs in either direction. It's a modified I alignment.



How to keep the team focused:

I think it's strength of schedule. All you've got to do is look at your opponent and see they're very, very talented, and this team is no exception. If you take them for granted they can wear you out. They're very talented, they've got the ability to score, they've got speed on defense. You'd best prepare and prepare to play well.



On Colt David's play:

This guy shows up on campus and competes for a job. He gets a portion of the job two years ago. He continues to get better and ply his trade. We count on him, he's proven it with his feet, and when he steps on the field he's ready to kick.



O line improvements:

Brett Helms could be one of the best centers in America. He's tremendous, a great player, a quick strong center. Ciron Black plays physical football each Saturday and continues to see improvement. Hitt and Carnell Stewart are making strides and I look forward to their more seasoned approach as they get into the season. Lyle Hitt and Carnell Stewart are showing real improvement.

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