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A breakdown of the Cajuns vs. the Tigers from TigerRag.com.

LSU rushing offense vs. ULL rushing defense

The Cajuns are surrendering an average of 178 yards on the ground per game. Whether the Tigers choose to use Domanick Davis, LaBrandon Toefield or one of the bench players, LSU will get its yards and control the pace of the game against ULL.

Advantage: LSU


LSU passing offense vs. ULL pass defense

Worth noting is that Texas A&M completed only 18 of 47 passes against ULL in their season opener, but the Aggies were able use the big pass on occasion. Here's a chance for LSU to gain confidence in this aspect of its offense.

Advantage: LSU


ULL rushing offense vs. LSU rushing defense

The Cajuns simply don't have the weapons to threaten LSU with their ground game. Jerome Coleman leads ULL with 52.2 yards per game. He had 96 against UAB but should encounter much more resistance from the Tigers.

Advantage: LSU


ULL passing offense vs. LSU pass defense

Getting the LSU pass rush to affect quarterback Jon Van Cleave will be important since the majority of the Cajuns' offensive success has come through the air. Freddie Stamps is a big-play threat the Tigers will have to contain to keep ULL from mounting a threat.

Advantage: LSU


LSU special teams vs. ULL special teams

It's not so much a knock on ULL's special teams as it is recognition for LSU as one of the nation's best. The kickoff coverage for the Tigers slacked a little against Mississippi State (23.1 yards per return), but they should still outdo the Cajuns here.

Advantage: LSU



If you think about it, LSU has nothing to gain in this game. Anything besides a huge win over ULL will be viewed as a disappointment. The Cajuns, on the other hand, have nothing to lose and are hoping the Tigers are looking ahead to their showdown with Florida.

Advantage: ULL



The focus LSU from week-to-week has been very good this season, so anyone expecting the Tigers to be caught napping against ULL will be disappointed. There may be a drop off in intensity if the Tigers build a big lead, but it won't be enough to allow the Cajuns into the game. Look for another strong outing from LSU's special teams, a stifling performance from the defense and a chance for the offense to add balance to its attack.




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