Jarboe In Touch With LSU

Scout.Com's 15th ranked receiver spoke with TigerRag.com regarding the whole recruiting scene and also about his progress on the gridiron.

Josh Jarboe (6'3, 195, 4.45) is one of the more highly touted 2008 prospects in the country. His multi-dimensional play on the field is what is drawing all of the attention, but according to the star receiver it may be affecting him in a different kind of way this season.


"My team is doing OK," Jarboe said. "I feel we are not where we should be and it is affecting my game a little. We do not really have a quarterback, so I am having to play quarterback during our games and even running back at times. It kind of makes me look bad because I am not able to get good looks at wide receiver, but I will do whatever my team needs me to do for us to have a better chance at winning."


Off the field Jarboe has been watching a little college football, but has not had the chance to watch one of his top teams play just yet.


"I've watched one Oklahoma game, but I was always doing something when LSU was on T.V. so I haven't had the chance to see them play yet. By looking at the scores though, it looks like both teams are doing good.


"It would bother me a little if they weren't playing as well, but it would not alter my decision on where I wanted to go," Jarboe answered. "I'm more concerned about who the quarterback will be and the overall talent on the team."


The Cedar Grove High School standout has an official date set up, but not the location.


"I think I will make an official visit on October 5th," Jarboe informed. "It will either be to LSU or to Oklahoma. I haven't decided yet. I would like to see them both as well as the rest of my top teams like Florida, Tennessee and Georgia.


"I will not make my decision though until I visit all or some of my top schools," Jarboe added.


Jarboe said he has been a little surprised that he has not heard from his top schools that much as of late.


"I haven't really been in touch with any school really," Jarboe stated. "The last teams I remember speaking with were LSU and Oklahoma. That says a lot to me. I want to go to a school that makes me feel like they really want me to be there."


Note: After his junior season, Jarboe was named to the All-County team. While playing wide receiver, he caught 48 passes for 974 yards and ten touchdowns. Jarboe also rushed for 437 yards and two touchdowns while playing running back and as a quarterback, he threw for another 137 yards.

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