Q&A with Bradie James

LSU's senior linebacker talks about the ULL game, Florida and LaBrandon Toefield's injury.

Q: Tell us about how you think the defense played, especially after getting a shutout.

A: Today, we dominated. For me to just play one, I don't mind it. I don't like it either, but it's just…a reward. We've got to get everybody on the field and a lot of guys played today. We're tying to get everybody a little experience.

Now, after playing a game like this, league play is about to start. Now it's time to get ready. We've got a good 24-hour rule and we'll be ready next week.


Q: It looks like you lost your co-captain (LaBrandon Toefield). What do you think about that?

A: That's just the nature of the game. Toe and I, we've got a lot to talk about. All I can do is just pray that it isn't as bad as the doctor says it is. But we've got to get him back on the field. Hopefully, he'll be back. It's just up to the team to support him and make sure he's all right mentally.


Q: How do you feel about going against Florida next week?

A: Right now, we just want to enjoy this win. Next week, league play is getting ready to begin again. It's time for us to start playing some teams that are offensively potent. …It is a road game…and last time we played in that environment we didn't play too well.

But now we've got guys who've played together. We're experienced. We've gelled. We can't do anything but keep getting better.


Q: Florida doesn't look as invincible as they used to.

A: I really don't know because we haven't watched film on them. We'll talk about that a little later.


Q: Why wouldn't the ULL captain shake your hand after the coin toss?

A: You head about that? I don't know. I guess it was just the in-state rivalry. I thought it was just totally disrespectful for the guy not to shake my hand. It kind of got me fired up…I went back on the sideline and tried to get everybody fired up.

They tried to do a lot of intimidating to us, but…we're LSU. We've got to come out on top regardless.

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