Q&A with Matt Mauck

LSU's quarterback talks about his performance against ULL and the upcoming game with Florida.

Q: What are your thoughts on losing LaBrandon Toefield?

A: Everybody's got to support him. He's got to be the most unlucky person I know. He seems to always be getting hurt. We're going to support him, and hopefully he can come back soon. That's one thing about him. He works hard. If there's anybody who's going to come back sooner than expected, it will be him.


Q: Everyone's talking in terms of how he's doing and supporting him. How is the team doing and going to be without him?
A: LaBrandon's a great running back, but Domanick Davis has proved himself. And Joseph Addai is running extremely well this year. We can't replace LaBrandon Toefield but hopefully some guys can step up into his place.


Q: Florida doesn't look as invincible as they used.

A: They may have struggled in a few games, but they still have the same players they've had. They're a great team and we're going to have to play well.


Q: In the first quarter, you were 8 of 10. What went so well?

A: It's like I said this whole year, we've done it in practice. In the first quarter, things were working out well. In the second quarter, I think we shot ourselves in the foot a little bit – our won mistakes. I had a couple of overthrows, a couple lapses in protection. I think that cost us.


Q: Coach Saban talked about making it a little more elementary as far as the passing game. Was it that way in the first quarter – as basic as you could get it?
A: It was a little…in practice. In the game, we ran a lot of the same things we've run (in games) this year. We just executed them better. As far as practice, we did go back and start slow. During the game, we may have run some things that aren't as complicated but we didn't change it up that much.


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