Nelson Looking Forward To Oct. 6

Destrehan High School product Jerico Nelson's (5'10, 198, 4.5) football team and LSU's football team have a couple of things in common. Besides being from Louisiana, they are both 4-0 so far this season. It appears life has been just as good to Nelson as it has been to the Tigers.

"Everything is going good," Nelson stated. "My team is 4-0. Last week I had 8 carries for 90 yards and 1 touchdown."


After Destrehan achieved its fourth win of the season Friday night, Nelson made a trip to Baton Rouge on Saturday to watch LSU take on South Carolina.


"It was pretty cool," said Nelson. "LSU's defense looked really good and the fans were really into the game. That is another thing I like about LSU, the LSU fans love the players."


The dynamic back informed that he still intends on making trips to some of his other top teams.


"I am scheduled to make a visit to the LSU vs. Alabama game on November 3," Nelson stated. "I would also like to make a trip to Florida for a game in November.


"Coach [John] Hevesy from Florida really wants me to make a game," said Nelson. "I need to talk to my high school coach first though to see what team we play the Friday following my possible Florida trip. We have practice on the weekend so depending on who we play may determine if my high school coach would let me miss practice or not to go on a visit to Florida."


According to Nelson, Hevesy is not the only coach that wants him to make a trip to a Florida game.


"Coach [Larry] Porter from LSU was at my game this past Friday," Nelson explained. "He said he left at halftime because it wasn't much of a game. We were up 28-0 in the first quarter.


"He also said he would like to see me in Baton Rouge for the Florida game in 2 weeks," said Nelson. "I'll probably make it to that game."


Nelson said he has an idea of how the game is going to turn out, but did not want to make a prediction.


"I think the LSU vs. Florida game will be a good one to see," said Nelson. "I do not want to say who I think is going to win because both schools are recruiting me. I think it will be a low scoring game because both defenses are so good.


"If it is a tight game I want to see how the coaches from both teams handle the game and what kind of decisions they make on the field," said Nelson. "I'd also like to see how the players and coaches from both teams handle the outcome of the game once it is over."


Note: Nelson finished his junior season with 1,069 yards and 15 touchdowns in his first year at running back. He had eight picks as a sophomore at safety and two as a junior.

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