Edwards Looking Ahead to Weekend

One of the most sought after 2008 prospects from the state of Louisiana Tyler Edwards (6'4, 238, 4.7) spoke to TigerRag.com about recruiting and said he fully understands how the whole process works.

Tyler Edwards

The 4-star product finished his junior season with 23 receptions for 360 yards and four touchdowns. This season he would like to improve on those numbers, but says it might be out of his control.


"Everything has been going good with school and all," Edwards explained. "I'm taking pretty much just Math and English classes this year because I have already completed everything else. So this school year is going to be pretty easy.


"As far as football goes, well, we have a new quarterback and so my team really hasn't been able to get me the ball a lot so far this year," Edwards added. "I think I have like 10 receptions and 2 touchdowns so far. My blocking has been really good though."


Away from Ouachita Parish High School, the big tight end has been taking in the recruiting techniques being used by all of his top schools. Edwards says he is aware that sometimes coaches say what they want you to hear.


"Recruiting has been going really good," Edwards stated. "I really liked it when the text messaging ban went into effect Edwards said jokingly. Last night I talked with a coach from Connecticut and from Nebraska. An Alabama coach called as well, but I missed his phone call because I was on the phone with another school. And I am still receiving a bunch of letters every day.


"I spoke to the LSU coaches last week," Edwards continued. "Coach Crowton and coach Henson flew up on Friday to come to my game then they flew back for the Tulane game."


Edwards has been watching a little of LSU's games as well lately.


"I went to the LSU vs. South Carolina and the LSU vs. Virginia Tech game," Edwards informed. "I expected LSU to win both of those games, but I didn't expect LSU to kill Virginia Tech that bad. With that said, it wouldn't change anything with me if the games would have been closer."


The talented student athlete says he wants to make a few more trips before it is all said and done.


"I am scheduled to make an official visit to Nebraska on October 20," Edwards said. "A coach from Florida called me last week after their game about making an official visit. I am also going to try to make it to the LSU vs. Alabama game and the LSU vs. Florida game. I want to make an official to all of my top teams before I decide. It will be weird watching these games though because both teams playing in the games will be recruiting me. And the winner of these games will not affect my decision either."


"For the most part all of the coaches tell me they could probably give me early playing time and things like that, but no coach really knows for sure." Edwards said. "They all say you can have it, but they are just trying to get you there. I am confident though that if I would work hard and prepare myself well enough I could probably get it anyway."


Edwards hinted that the ultimate battle for his signature might be between Alabama and LSU. He said he is fond of both coaches and football programs.


"Alabama is looking good and coach Saban is a good coach," Edwards stated. "Alabama does not have much talent right now, but they are going to improve in the next few years.


"LSU has a really good team and I like coach Les Miles," Edwards added. "I was hearing rumors around town that coach Miles might decide to leave LSU if the head coaching job at Michigan became available so I asked him about that. He said he was staying at LSU for sure and he had no intentions of leaving LSU, but I know anything could happen so I will wait and see. Not just at LSU, but any coaching change at any school that is recruiting me could affect my decision."


Note: Edwards reports a 3.0 core GPA and a 22 ACT

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