Visit Postponed caught up with Marietta, Georgia's own Chase Thomas (6'4, 210, 4.7). Thomas informed us of his top teams and why he will not be able to make the trip to Baton Rouge this weekend for the LSU vs. Florida game.

Chase Thomas

"Everything has been going good," Thomas said. "School is going just fine and I have like 9 sacks, 30 something tackles and a couple of receptions so far this season."


Thomas has made an official visit to Stanford already this season and was scheduled to visit LSU this weekend, but he was told now would not be the best time to visit.


"I had a great time at Stanford," Thomas stated. "Everyone treated me nice and the stadium and the coaches were great. Not only does Stanford have good academics, but I would also have a chance at playing early over there. It would be nice to be a part of rebuilding that program.


"I was really excited about going to the LSU game this weekend, but I spoke to the LSU coaches a couple of weeks ago and they said it would be better for me to visit after the season," Thomas added. "They said they told that to a bunch of recruits and not just me. They also said they were still interested in me and they thought they would have more time to speak with me one-on-one after the season than they would if I visited this weekend."


How did that make Thomas feel?


"It's not that big of a deal I guess," Thomas continued. "I would have liked to have come for the game though, but that is just how it goes sometimes."


If he would still be making the trip, Thomas said there were some things he wanted to see.


"I wanted to experience the atmosphere inside of the stadium for that game," he said. "LSU has a great football program and I would have liked to take it all in. LSU has one of the top defenses in the country and I would love to be a part of that. I try to keep an eye on the depth chart and I think could probably fit in on their roster. I mean if you do not think you could fit in then there would be no point of going there."


Thomas said he has a list of his top 5 schools and at this time LSU falls in between numbers 3-4.


"My top 5 schools in order are Stanford, Auburn, Georgia Tech, LSU and North Carolina," said Thomas. "I plan on announcing my decision at the end of my high school season or shortly after that."


Note: Thomas maintained a 3.8 GPA in the classroom last school year and recorded a 1520 on the SAT. On the gridiron in 2006, at tight end he had six catches for 129 yards. While playing defensive end, Thomas recorded 82 tackles, including 46 solos, 20 sacks and 17 tackles for a loss.

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