What will Miles do next?

Every time you think you've seen everything with the LSU offense, Les Miles tries something else. Since the Fumblerooski is now illegal, about all that's left is for punter Patrick Fisher to run or pass.

Fisher just smiled knowingly at the suggestion.


"We might have something worked out," he said. "We'll have to see."


Don't be surprised. LSU's 28-24 victory over Florida showed once again that Miles will try anything to win and isn't afraid to take chances, which is obviously gratifying for him and satisfying to his players.


Five times LSU went for it Saturday night on fourth down, making all five – four in the second half. When everyone else would have gone for a field goal to tie the game, Miles never considered his beleaguered place-kicker Colt David, who missed two attempts earlier. Heck, watching LSU you don't know who's going to play quarterback from down to down, what the play call will be, if the opponent is ever safe on fourth down.


"Whatever works," said quarterback Matt Flynn, who made one of those fourth-down conversions when, acting as the holder, took the snap and ran for a first down despite having a sprained ankle.


"It's good for me. We made some good calls today and executed well. Whatever the coaches say, we're doing it"


Flynn alternates with Ryan Perrilloux at quarterback.


"Obviously it's helping our team," said Flynn, who completed 14 of 27 passes for 144 yards.


Perrilloux, who missed the only pass he tried, ran for one of LSU's scores. Flynn threw for one, while Keiland Williams and Jacob Hester rushed for the others.


"I'm happy to be playing," said Flynn, who waited four years for this full-time chance and is comfortable with the QB-in, QB-out strategy. "It's helping our team, and whatever's best for this team I'm all for."


Flynn has been the ultimate warrior for LSU, seemingly never getting rattled and never showing the signs of a sprained ankle.


"It's getting better," Flynn said.


Fisher is probably the healthiest player on the team. Heck, even on a night when the LSU offense struggled, he only punted twice.


"Going into this game we knew it was going to be tough and we knew it was going to be a dogfight," said Fisher, who made the most of his kicks, sailing one for 55 yards and the other for 43. "It just showed the grit and determination of this team. Offense, defense and special teams."


That was especially apparent in the second half, when LSU rallied from a 17-7 deficit.


"This was the most talented team we've play in my time here," said Miles, who improved to 28-4 in two-plus seasons as LSU's coach.


"Their receiving corps is big and strong and fast; those running backs and (Tim) Tebow, they played well. I give great credit to our opponents."


Miles acknowledged that LSU couldn't stop Florida early on.


"But you know what? We were playing a great football team and our defense played awfully well," Miles continued.


"And our offense was not with them in the first half."


No, because at halftime, LSU trailed by 10 points after two quarters in which Florida's defense seemed to have LSU figured out and quarterback Tebow appeared to do anything he wanted, passing for one touchdown and running for another.


But the LSU offense "got in the rhythm and made some plays" in the second half.

Miles talked about making changes at halftime.


"The adjustments were to tackle. We missed tackles in the first half," he said. "We didn't miss as many in the second half.


"The offense needed to possess the ball. Possessing the ball in the second half put their offense out of rhythm, and our defense came in and played inspired the second half.


"What we said was, ‘We're not gonna lose. We didn't come this far to play like that.  There's no problem with finishing second, but you have to make sure you give everything you have.' And we had a lot to give at halftime."


Which his players understand.


"We know that we can win games in the fourth quarter," Flynn said. "We know we can win games when we're behind. I'm telling you, after this game we're a closer group of guys right now. I'm proud of everybody."

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