Q & A with Randall Gay

LSU's starting cornerback discusses the upcoming Florida game.

Q: What do you remember about playing Florida?

A: Since I've been here, we've been outscored 90-20. It's not too good. We went there and lost bad. They came here and we lost bad. It hasn't been too good.


Q: Do you think they're a weaker offense than they were last year?

A: Aw no. Rex Grossman has still passed for a thousand and something yards. Taylot Jacobs has 45 catches. We don't have that many total on the year.

I don't think they're any weaker. We've got to play them as hard as we would have last year, the year before or any other year.


Q: What was the hardest thing to defend against Florida last year?

A: They passed for 600 yards on us, so it looked like everything worked for them. ...We've just got to work to stop everything that we didn't stop last year.


Q: What makes The Swamp such a tough place to play?

A: Well, I was just a freshman the last time we played there and I just played special teams. It wasn't really much to me. I wasn't intimidated. I guess it's just the environment you're in. It's Florida and some people get nervous. But we've got to look at it like it's any other game and we're playing it at home really.


Q: Is that what you tell some of the younger players?

A: Yeah. A game is a game. Once you're out on the field, it doesn't matter where you're at. I never really notice the people in the stands until after the play is over. When you're out there, you just focus on your man and do what you've got to do.

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