Tolliver Left Impressed's 4-star wide receiver, Chris Tolliver (6'1, 185, 4.5) was on hand for the LSU vs. Florida game over the weekend. The Rayville product returned home from Death Valley impressed.

Chris Tolliver

"My visit to LSU was awesome," Tolliver exclaimed. "It was great, I give it a 10."


Tolliver arrived in Baton Rouge Friday night with friends and his visit began on game day.


"We got to Baton Rouge around 2 in the morning so I just went to sleep," Tolliver stated. "On Saturday my friends and I walked around and spoke to some of the LSU fans.


"It was crazy," Tolliver added. "I went into a recruit room they had set up and some fans recognized me and were yelling at me. It was a great feeling that other people know who you are even though you do not know who they are. I didn't mind it at all."


Tolliver informed that he did not get to speak with the LSU coaches in person, but he did speak with them via the phone prior to the game.


"I was supposed to meet with the coaches after the game in a certain room, but there was a mix up and so I did not get to speak with them. We did communicate prior to the game though over the phone. 


"They told me where to go to get my tickets and we also talked a little bit about the offense and how I would look in it. I think I would fit perfectly." 


The dynamic wide receiver said he enjoyed the trip, but he would still like to take a look at his other top schools before he makes his final decision at the end of his senior season.


"My top teams are still LSU, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi," Tolliver explained. "Right now I still do not know for sure where I want to go so I think it is best for me to just wait it out until I look at every team a little closer.


"LSU does have all of the things I am looking for though," Tolliver said. "They have a solid team, Baton Rouge has a good atmosphere and the fans are great."


Some feel that Tolliver is arguably the best 2008 football prospect in the state of Louisiana. The talented wide receiver does not disagree with that either.


"This season I am not getting the ball as much, but I am still a big part of our offense" Tolliver said. "My stats might be down some, but I am giving my team a better chance at winning. When I am not on the field defenses play us in man coverage, but when I get on the field they get into double coverage and double-team me. I am not worried about not getting the ball because I know I am still helping my team even if it is as a decoy. Sometimes it helps our running game as well.


"Plus I am helping my teammate Kenny Bell get his name out there," Tolliver continued. "When I am getting double-teamed that leaves him open and so he has been getting more receptions lately. He is a good player and one of my good friends. We raced against each other in the 40 yard dash and I ran a 4.28 and he ran a 4.29.


Note: Tolliver was a First Team Class 3A All-State selection and led the state in receiving with 76 catches for 1,521 yards and 17 TDs.


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Junior Clips

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