Q&A with Jeremy Lawrence

LSU's strong-side linebacker talks about the upcoming game with Florida

Q: What are your memories of the University of Florida?

A: 40 points – every game that they've scored on us. It's my last year and we've got to play a little better this year. We can't go out losing for a fourth straight time hopefully.


Q: What makes The Swamp a hard place to play?

A: It's not really hard. The only think is they have the fans sitting right behind you, and they're in your ear all night. It's not really hard to play there. It's hot but it's hot here too.


Q: Offensively, are they the same Florida team this year or are they a little weaker?

A: A lot of people are going off the last game, Ole Miss, but they still have a lot of good personnel – good skill players, running backs and quarterbacks. They're not as weak as people think they are. They just had a bad game I guess.


Q: What have you told some of the younger players about playing at Florida?

A: It's the SEC. You've got to play hard and come with it. You can't be scared to go out there.


Q: How much better is the Nick Saban defense after three years compared to the third-year defense of Lou Tepper that you played in back in 1999?

A: Everybody's starting to gel. Everybody knows their responsibilities and everybody's playing their responsibilities. No one's trying to work outside the system.


Q: Do you expect this to be a war?

A: It's always a war in the SEC.


Q: Ole Miss had a lot of success because they were able to pressure Grossman into making mistakes. Is that a big emphasis this week, throwing different things at him to keep him under pressure?

A: It's a big emphasis every week to try and put pressure on the quarterback. You can't leave the DBs and coverage out there for that long.

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