GAMETRACK: Kentucky 43, LSU 37

LEXINGTON, Ky. - It was a game that took three overtimes to be decided, but in the end No. 17 Kentucky beat top-ranked LSU 43-37 Saturday. LSU running back Charles Scott was stopped a yard short on fourth and two in the final overtime as the Wildcats celebrated the monumental upset.

No. 2 LSU Tigers at No. 17 Kentucky

Saturday Oct. 13, 2007

Commonwealth Stadium

Lexington, Ky.

Attendance: 70,902 (4th largest in Commonwealth Stadium history)





Kentucky 7, LSU 0

Drive: 12 plays, 49 yards, 4:58

Scoring Play: Andre Woodson 2 pass to T.C.  Drake

Clock: 2:49

PAT: Lones Seiber kick

Drive Started: At LSU's 49 following a shanked Patrick Fisher punt of 21 yards

Key Play: Kentucky took possession on LSU's side of the 50 after Patrick Fisher shanked a 21-yard punt out of bounds. The Wildcats converted three third downs on the drive, but none was bigger than a 14-yard Andre Woodson pass to tight end Jacob Tamme to the LSU 30. Nine plays later on third and goal from the two, it looked as if the Tigers might dodge a bullet when Craig Steltz got a hand on Woodson's pass. But the deflection bounded into the awaiting arms of tight end T.C. Drake for a Wildcat touchdown.






LSU 7, Kentucky 7

Drive: 8 plays, 79 yards, 2:45

Scoring Play: Charles Scott 1 run

Clock: 14:55

PAT: Colt David kick

Drive Started: At LSU's 21 following a 17-yard Trindon Holliday kickoff return

Key Play: Holliday gave LSU its first, first down the game on a 17-yard run to the LSU 28. After Jared Mitchell's nine yard catch on a third down, the Tigers had first and 10 from midfield. However, Flynn took a sack back to the LSU 44 for a loss of six. On the next play, Flynn handed off to Charles Scott on a draw play, which the sophomore cut up the near sideline all the way down the Kentucky one. Scott scored on the next play, which was the first of the second quarter.



LSU 10, Kentucky 7

Drive: 12 plays, 68 yards, 5:42

Scoring Play: Colt David 31 FG

Clock: 5:42

Drive Started: At LSU's 19 following a 36-yard Masthay punt, which was downed

Key Play: On second and one from the LSU 40, Flynn hit Terrance Toliver for a big gain inside the Kentucky 15. However, Toliver was flagged for offensive pass interference. After replays, it appeared Toliver made little to no contact, but the call held up. LSU worked the ball inside the Wildcat 20, but after a Demetrius Byrd reception at the three was overturned by replay, the Tigers were forced to settle for a field goal.



LSU 17, Kentucky 7

Drive: 8 plays, 46 yards, 3:37

Scoring Play: Charles Scott 13 run

Clock: 14:55

PAT: Colt David kick

Drive Started: At Kentucky's 46 following a Chevis Jackson interception

Key Play: The Wildcats appeared to have excellent field position when an offsides penalty on an LSU kickoff put the ball on the Kentucky 40. But Wildcat quarterback Andre Woodson made his first mistake of the game when he threw a pass in the direction of Keenan Burton. Jackson played the ball perfectly stepping in front of Burton for the interception. After netting one first down on a 12-yard pass to tight end Richard Dickson, LSU bogged down and was forced to attempt a fourth down from the Wildcat 30. Flynn's pass bounced incomplete, but Kentucky was flagged for pass interference giving LSU new life.



LSU 17, Kentucky 14

Drive: 5 play, 78 yards, 0:37

Scoring Play: Woodson 12 run

Clock: 1:04

PAT: Lones Seiber kick

Drive Started: At Kentucky's 22 following a Josh Jasper kickoff

Key Play: It appeared LSU would go into the halftime locker room leading by 10, by Woodson wasn't finished. After a couple of plays netted a Wildcat first down, Woodson went deep. Chevis Jackson had position, but the pass was slightly underthrown, which benefited Kentucky. Keenan Burton hauled in the pass giving the Wildcats first and 10 from the LSU 13.






LSU 24, Kentucky 14

Drive: 11 plays, 52 yards, 5:39

Scoring Play: Matt Flynn 4 pass to Richard Dickson

Clock: 9:12

PAT: Colt David kick

Drive Started: At LSU's 47 following a 42-yard kickoff return by Holliday

Key Play: LSU moved the ball into Kentucky territory and was forced to go for it on fourth down from the Wildcat 44. The Tigers converted their first fourth down try of the game with a three-yard Ryan Perrilloux run. But LSU found itself in an immediate hole when Flynn took a sack for a loss of four yards. After Flynn's pass fell incomplete on second down, the Tigers faced a third and 13 from the Kentucky 44. On a designed slip screen, Flynn hooked who with LaFell who motored behind a wall of blockers for a gain of 18 yards.



LSU 27, Kentucky 14

Drive: 9 plays, 38 yards, 4:19

Scoring Play: Colt David 30 FG

Clock: 3:49

Drive Started: At LSU's 48 following Chad Jones' interception of Woodson

Key Play: Following an athletic interception by Jones, the Tigers picked up a first down on a key third and six completion to LaFell. It looked as if LSU was driving for another touchdown when Flynn broke free on a 15-yard run on second 10 from the UK 41. But after the Tigers drove inside the Wildcat, the drive stalled and when Flynn's pass skipped off the hands of Keith Zinger in the end zone, LSU had to settle for a field goal.



LSU 27, Kentucky 21

Drive: 7 plays, 82 yards, 2:30

Scoring Play: Andre Woodson 8 pass to Jacob Tamme

Clock: 1:13

PAT: Lones Seiber kick

Drive Started: At Kentucky's 18 following a Jasper kickoff

Key Play: Kentucky showed no signs of going away after LSU went up by double digits. The Wildcat offense gouged the Tiger defense for several big gainers including an 18-yard pass from Woodson to Dixon, a 14-yard pass to Steve Johnson and a 17-yard run by Derrick Locke. Woodson finally found Tamme on a quick pass in the right slot closing the gap to six points.






LSU 27, Kentucky 24

Drive: 13 plays, 48 yards, 6:54

Scoring Play: Lones Seiber 33 FG

Clock: 7:57

Drive Started: At Kentucky's 37 following a 37-yard punt by Patrick Fisher

Key Play: Derrick Locke pounded the ball between the tackles for gains of 12 and 11 yards as the Wild cats drove the ball inside the LSU 15. But on second six from the Tigers' six, he was dropped for a loss of four yards by Kirston Pittman. Andre Woodson was forced to throw the ball away out of the back of the end zone and UK had to settle for a field goal.


LSU 27, Kentucky 27

Drive: 7 plays, 53 yards, 2:47

Scoring Play: Lones Seiber 27 FG

Clock: 4:21

Drive Started: At Kentucky's 37 following Matt Flynn interception

Key Play: Facing first and 10 from their own 49, Woodson found Steve Johnson sneaking past Jai Eugene on the Wildcat sideline. Johnson hauled in the pass, picked up a huge block by Keenan Burton on Craig Steltz, and motored 35 yards to the LSU 16. But like the previous drive, three straight running plays by Locke netted seven yards and the Wildcats settled for another Seiber field goal.






Kentucky 34, LSU 27

Scoring Play: Derrick Locke 1 run

PAT: Lones Seiber kick

Key Play: Kentucky got a big break when LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson was flagged for a roughing the passer penalty. The Wildcats later faced a third and eight from the 13 at which time Woodson hit Johnson for a 12-yard gain to the one. It took the Wildcats two plays to score.



LSU 34, Kentucky 34

Scoring Play: Richard Murphy 2 run

PAT: Colt David kick

Key Play: On first down from the 25, Flynn hit Richard Murphy for a gain of eight yards on a screen pass. After Hester went off right guard for nine, Flynn hooked up with Richard Dickson on a sideline route to the two. LSU scored on the next play.






LSU 37, Kentucky 34

Scoring Play: Colt David 38 FG

Key Play: After several negative plays in a row, including an illegal touching penalty by Terrance Toliver on a 16-yard gain and Matt Flynn getting sacked, the Tigers managed to get into field goal range on a 13-yard pass to Demetrius Byrd. David knocked down a 38-yard field goal getting the Tigers out in front.



LSU 37, Kentucky 37

Scoring Play: Lones Seiber 43 FG

Key Play: Andre Woodson looked good most the game, but this was by far his worst possession, on which he threw three incomplete passes and fumbled snap. Seiber, though, banged home a 43-yard field goal tying the game again.






Kentucky 43, LSU 37

Scoring Play: Andre Woodson 7 pass to Steve Johnson

PAT: Pass Failed

Key Play: LSU's defense bowed its neck despite being flagged for a defensive holding penalty on third and goal from the three when the Tigers had an apparent stop. It did take the Wildcats nine plays to score, but they did finally when Woodson hit Johnson in the end zone, who was wide open when Jonathan Zenon fell down.


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