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Some guys believe they have a certain quality that separates them from the pack. It may be their speed, their hands, their vision, etc. Monsignor Pace High School product Greg Shaw (6'6, 280, 5.3) feels his best quality is a little different than most would expect.

Greg Shaw

"I believe my mentality is totally different than most of the other kids out there," said Shaw. "I want to do this and that's it. All I think about is football. I know a lot of other guys may say that, but I mean it. I want this really bad. I do not ever want to give up. Even when I am hurt, I play through the pain and having that mind set is my best quality."


The big hog has a busy schedule ahead of him. Friday night his team has a big game against Belen Jesuit High School and then on Saturday morning Shaw will be arriving in Baton Rouge for the LSU vs. Auburn game.


"My team is currently 4-2 on the year," Shaw stated. "We are coming off of a hard bye week. My coaches worked us hard this past week from Monday through Thursday without letting up. We really want to beat this team (Belen Jesuit) bad.


"I just let coach [Les] Miles know tonight that on Saturday my mom and I are still making the trip to LSU," Shaw continued. "Coach Miles said he was happy to hear that I was still coming. I expect to see a great campus and I want to check out the living facilities as well. I want to meet all of the LSU coaches and see what their team is all about."


Shaw informed that he did catch the LSU vs. Kentucky game last weekend and the big lineman offered up some adjustments he would have made in that game.


"Yeah I watched the game," Shaw said disappointingly. "LSU's defense looked prepared, but it seemed like their adjustments were off a little. I think LSU had zero sacks in the game. I would have sent more blitzes which may have taken some of Kentucky's momentum away and maybe LSU would have won that game.


"This weekend I think LSU will be so mad that they are going to whip up on Auburn pretty badly," Shaw said.


Shaw had his eyes on more than just the Tiger defense.


"The coaches from LSU want me to play on offense if I decide to go there and that is where I would rather play anyway," Shaw said. "I feel like I have more control on offense.


"Whenever I watch an LSU game I always try to look at LSU's left offensive tackle," Shaw stated. "Week by week it seems like he gets better and more conditioned. That's something I know I will have to be too."


Shaw said he has too many schools that he likes to name, but he did mention that 2 schools have been showing more interest in him and that is something he will keep in mind when making his final decision.


"I can not name all of the schools I like, but 2 schools have really been showing interest in me," Shaw said. "I hear from LSU and South Florida the most. It shows me who really wants me to be at their school and it shows me who is going to push me along the way. These are the types of schools that even if you would get hurt they would wait for you to get better and work through it with you. They will not give up on you and I like that a lot."


Shaw said he wants to take his 5 officials before he makes his decision and there is something he hopes will happen on one of his trips that will make his decision an easier one.


"I am going to LSU this weekend on an official visit and then in January I am scheduled to take another official visit to South Florida," Shaw stated. "I want to take my other officials as well, but right now I am not sure where those will be to.


"I guess you can say I am a little superstitious because I am hoping to see a special sign or something on my official visits that will lead me to that school."It would tell me that I definitely need to go to school there and everything will be OK".


Note: The younger half-brother of former U.S. Army All-American linebacker Willie Williams, Shaw has a tremendous upside. He was a first team All-State offensive lineman in 2006 and is currently among the state's top prospects at that position.


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