Miles holds midweek press conference

LSU head coach Les Miles met with the media again on Wednesday afternoon following practice in the Charles McClendon practice facility.

Miles began by saying he feels the practices this week have gone well. Obviously there is now an incentive to start fast this week, and the team wants to play well.


When asked about injuries, as usual Miles did not divulge much information. However, he did speak specifically on four players when asked about each of them. Brett Helms is better and will play this week. Jacob Cutrera's status for this week is still up in the air. Early Doucet has practiced all week and is expected to play Saturday, although he did not say how much, and the receivers are looking forward to Doucet's return. And finally, Miles said guard Will Arnold's health is vastly improved and he practiced today for the first time in weeks. Miles also commented that everyone that played last week should be able play this week.


This Saturday's game will be the teams' seventh consecutive game without a bye week. As a result Miles said practices have been lighter back this week, both in time and intensity. He also said he wanted the team to feel comfortable at practice this week, which is why he closed them to the media.


With regards to last week's game, Coach Miles was asked specifically about blitzing and the play of the secondary. Miles said he thought the team blitzed enough, but the blitzes just weren't effective because Kentucky was using a lot of three step drops and rolling the pocket. As for the secondary, Miles was again satisfied with the schemes and play calling, but admitted there was room for improvement in the execution. He said the defense has not been pleased with their effort the last few games and wants to play better.


Finally, when asked about the quarterback situation Miles said they will still use the two quarterback system, but stopped short of going into much detail about how they will be used.

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