LSU Hoops Coaches, Players attend Media Day

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The coaches and players from the LSU men's and women's basketball teams met with the media of the Southeastern Conference Wednesday in the opening session of the SEC Tipoff 2008 at the Birmingham Marriott.

Coach John Brady, entering his 11th season at LSU, was joined by preseason second-team All-SEC selection Tasmin Mitchell and Garrett Temple, while Coach Van Chancellor was attending his first media days as a college coach in over a decade as he enters his first season at LSU. Joining him was All-SEC unanimous pre-season first-team selection Sylvia Fowles along with Quianna Chaney.

Here are some of the quotes of the coaches and players during their sessions with various print and electronic media on Wednesday:

Head Coach John Brady

"This year is different. In the past we have had guys like Stromile Swift, Jabari Smith, Jaime Lloreda, Brandon Bass, Glen Davis and Tyrus Thomas. We have always been blessed with some power guys around the goal. That was how we chose to play. This year's team, although we have height and length, don't have much width. From an offensive standpoint we are going to be more of a perimeter influenced team, instead of an inside dominance team. Defensively, I think we are going to have to do some things to defend around the goal and rebound. I have always put a premium on defending and rebounding, but with this team we are probably going to change it a little bit. We will be a little bit more deceptive this year. We will mix it up on offense and defense. Our best shot maybe from 20 feet, as opposed to two feet."

On the new rule changes regarding the coach's box…

"I use to think that concern, passion and emotion were good things for a coach to possess. They may still be, they just don't want you to show it. I am talking to (LSU SID) Kent Lowe about getting me a seat belt. They are going to strap me in."

Forward Tasmin Mitchell

"I worked a lot on my mid-range shot from inside the three-point line, which will hopefully help my three a little bit too. I also worked on my speed coming off the post and just trying to work on everything that I can defensively to improve."

Guard Garrett Temple

"With us being smaller, we'll be playing a lot more on the perimeter this year. We should be able to post-up our bigger guards and use our size a little bit to our advantage. Like Tasmin (Mitchell) said, we are excited about running and using our speed. Not having a big man in there gives us that chance and when we do slow it down, we should be able to stay a little more patient in our shots. I think we have enough talent to score in bunches and compete in the SEC."

"I've had great teaching and have been given great scouting reports on how to pinpoint their weaknesses. We play great team defense and those guys help me out coming off screens and when doubling someone. I think my strongest point is just being an intelligent defender."


Head Coach Van Chancellor

"I'm not taking over a good team. I'm taking over a great team. We have Sylvia Fowles in the post, Quianna Chaney on the wing and Erica White at the point. In my dream world I would want a better outside shooter. We're just not a very good shooting team, and we are going to have some bad nights shooting the ball. But we're very good defensively, and our players have put forth a great work effort."

"It has been a major adjustment. I didn't realize how sophisticated recruiting has become. When you get a commitment it affects you getting another commitment. Since I've been here, I've recruited as hard as I've ever recruited in coaching thus far, and I'm enjoying it. LSU is a great place to recruit for."

"Our relationship between players to coaches is excellent and vice versa. When we come to basketball practice, it's time to rock n' roll. I don't think people can expect us to have a great practice if I come in griping from being on a plane all night, so I come in positive and ready to go. I'm in this for the long haul."

Guard Quianna Chaney

"This season we're just going to try to get back to the Final Four again. We know we have a better chance of getting better this year. Our confidence was a big problem last year, but it won't be a problem this year. We've adjusted really well with the changes and we're ready."

"Coach (Van) Chancellor said he wasn't going to change our style of play from last year. We were one of the best defensive teams in the country last season, and his focus since he got here has been on our offense."

Forward Sylvia Fowles

"Coach (Van) Chancellor brings energy everyday to practice. Anyone who knows him knows that Van is a character. With him, if you don't understand something or you do something wrong, he's going to tell you. Last season we just went to practice, did what we had to do and go out. Now we're more into learning and correcting."

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