Losing Is Not An Option For Smith

Most players do not like to lose, but they accept it. For John Curtis High School standout, P.J. Smith (6'4, 190, 4.6) there is nothing worse than losing and it is far from being acceptable. The 3-star product spoke to TigerRag.com about his team's recent letdown against St. James High School last week and he compared it to LSU's recent scares.

"Last week's game was terrible, I don't know what happened," said Smith. "My team was up 14-10 with 6 minutes left in the game and my coaches decided to go for it on a fourth and long because it was too far for a field goal attempt, but too short to punt. We threw an interception on that play and St. James scored and that was it. It is a hard loss to handle, but I know we just have to comeback and work on making it right."

Smith said he has been monitoring LSU's play closely and he feels it is much like his team's play this season. He said he understands that people may want to blame the coaches, but says that is not who should be receiving all of the blame.

"I've been surprised at how close the games have been," said Smith. "I was really surprised that Ryan Perrilloux wasn't used more. I just think LSU is too inconsistent. I do think LSU is going to win this weekend though by at least 3 touchdowns, maybe more. I plan on being at the game too and I believe LSU just has too much talent for Alabama right now. LSU also had 2 weeks off to get their mind right and they know if they lose they will be out of the National Title hunt for sure so I think they will be ready to play.

"People want to talk bad about coach [Les] Miles and that's not right," Smith added. "Sometimes I think the coaches can only prepare the team so much and then the rest is on the players. Look at us last week. We were prepared, knew the plays St. James was going to run and we just blew it. It wasn't the coaches fault, it was ours."

The John Curtis product said he has a list of his final teams and continues to claim he will make his decision after his senior season.

"I am looking at LSU, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and Arkansas," Smith informed. "I speak to both coach Miles and coach [Larry] Porter once a week. They tell me that they would really like to see me playing for them. We mostly just talk about my team and how we are doing though.

"What I like most about LSU is they are persistent," said Smith. "Some teams will call once in a while, but LSU has been calling me every week for a while now. I feel like when I talk to the LSU coaches they are sincere and I feel like they are really interested in me. I get those same feelings from Arkansas as well. I am trying not to worry about the recruiting stuff right now though. I am trying to stay focused on school and my team. I will worry about the recruiting stuff after my season."

Note: Smith logged 28 tackles, 4 INTs and broke up 14 passes to help lead John Curtis to a Class 2A State Championship. On offense, he had 10 receptions for 124 yards and 3 TDs.

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