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Sometimes bigger isn't always better especially for one Georgia standout. Brandon Thompson (6'2, 294, 4.84) spoke with about his recent visits as well as the factors being placed into his decision.

Brandon Thompson

"I just got back from visiting Ohio State," said Thompson. "It was cool. I got to see everything I wanted to see. The coaches were talking good to me and I think I could fit in with their team."'s #4 ranked defensive tackle had previously visited LSU for the Virginia Tech game. Were the two visits comparable?

"For the most part the visits were about the same," Thompson answered. "Looking at the bigger picture, they both had nice facilities with good football programs, but it is the little things that separate the schools.

"I have some family members that live near Ohio St. and so even though it would be far away from home it would still feel close because I could see some of my family," Thompson added. "The thing I found in my visit to LSU was their defense and how they play. I was impressed with that on my visit. I could definitely see myself playing in their system. The thing that separates LSU's defense from Ohio State's is the team speed. LSU really gets after the ball."

The 4-star product said things have been kind of quiet lately with the recruiting scene and he does not mind it one bit.

"I haven't really spoken to any coaches from any schools," said Thompson. "Coach Mallory from LSU was at my school last week though. I couldn't really talk to him due to the rules, but by him just coming to my school for a visit meant a lot to me and it showed me something. I am not a phone type of person so I do not mind not speaking with coaches often."

As for the process as a whole, Thompson said he is still unsure of what he wants to do.

"I am still unsure where I want to go and as of right now I still do not have a leader," Thompson continued. "It is wide open. I do know that I want to feel comfortable wherever I decide though. I want to feel comfortable with the people on campus and inside the community. I do not really pay much attention to the depth charts or how the team is currently doing. I kind of think about where the team will be headed once I get there."

Note: Thompson informed that his decision will be made before signing day, but the exact date is still unknown. He made 51 tackles and five sacks as a junior. He plans on majoring in Business Management at the next level.

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