Edwards will listen to heart

For Ouachita Parish High School product Tyler Edwards (6'4, 238,4.7) it is like being caught between a rock and a hard place in deciding what college to attend.

Tyler Edwards

"These past six months have been really stressful for me," Edwards stated. "It seems like all I think about is where I am going to go to college. Sometimes I think well if I pick Alabama then will the people from Louisiana hate me or if I pick LSU will the Alabama coaches hate me.

"I wish I didn't read the football message boards, but I do and that gets me mad," Edwards added. "Sometimes I just want to get on there and tell people stuff for talking bad about me. Nothing against the fans from either school, but I have to think about what is best for me, my family and my future."

The 4-star tight end recently returned home from his visit to Alabama and said his visit didn't make things much easier for him.

"It was awesome," he said. "It was a really good game. I expected LSU to win, but I thought both teams played well. Actually I thought LSU would win by more than that, but I think all of their mistakes made the game closer than what it should have been. I thought Alabama did a nice job of hanging in there though. I noticed LSU threw the ball to their tight ends a lot and that was nice. Alabama didn't really use their tight ends as much, but I do not think they have the type of tight end needed to spread the field.

"After the game I went down into the locker room and spoke to some of the Alabama players," Edwards continued. "I think overall both schools are very comparable. I feel like both are great places. The only difference that I saw was the fans. Alabama has loyal fans, but they are nothing like LSU's crazy fans."

Before it was all said and done, Scout.com's #15 ranked tight end sat down to speak with the skipper of the Crimson Tide, head coach Nick Saban.

"My brother and I sat down with coach Saban after the game," said Edwards. "My brother and him did most of the talking because my brother use to play for him at LSU and they did some catching up. Coach Saban really didn't pressure me about a commitment or anything. He really just talked to me about family stuff. He did say they would hold a scholarship for me just in case I would decide to go to school there."

How does Saban compare to Miles?

"I think both of them are great coaches," said Edwards. "I really believe coach Saban is going to turn Alabama's program around and win some National Titles and there are many other people that feel that way as well.

"I feel like coach Miles is a good coach too. Some people say he is winning with coach Saban's players, but it depends on how you look at it. I spoke with coach [Josh] Henson from LSU tonight (Tuesday) and he was telling me that most of the kids Nick Saban recruited were from Louisiana so who's to say they wouldn't have decided to go to LSU if coach Miles was there. Regardless coach Miles still produced a successful team."

Edwards has a decision date set for Jan. 5th and he said that on that day his heart will tell him everything.

"On January 5th it will ultimately come down to what my heart tells me to do," he said.

Note: Edwards finished the regular season with 19 catches for 213 yards and two touchdowns.

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