Q&A with Marquise Hill

LSU's defensive end talks about the Florida game and previews South Carolina.

Q: South Carolina has a big quarterback in Corey Jenkins. He runs a lot and passes a lot. What kind of keys will the defense look for this weekend?

A: Don't let him comfortable back there. If he gets comfortable, he'll go through all his progressions and pick out where he wants to throw. We're going to try get some pressure on him and put some hands in his face. The DBs are going to try to lock down the receivers. It all works hand-in-hand.

We're not going to let him get comfortable. That's the main key because if any quarterback gets comfortable, they'll pick you apart if they have the time.


Q: Being the No. 1 defense in the country is a source of pride but it's also got to make you work harder to keep that ranking.

A: Right. Once you get to the top, the hardest thing is staying at the top. We're going to keep trying to perform every week. We're not going to let our guard down because that's when you get killed. That's when somebody has their biggest game against you.


Q: Could you see Florida kind of quitting toward the end of the game?

A: Most of the guys we went against…they didn't have the look like they had last year. They started laying down and sort of saying "It's over with. We lost." They saw the scoreboard. In the second half, they didn't come out with a fire. They tried some trick stuff in there, but they had laid it down.


Q: Do you see a connection between the play of the defensive line and the opportunities the defensive backs are getting?

A: It's like that every week. If we get pressure, they get interceptions. They cover the wide receivers, we get sacks. It's hand-in-hand – one hand helps the other.


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