Patchan On LSU

It is that time of year for all of the talented high school senior football players. It is the time between the playoffs and the time in making their college decision in writing. For Matt Patchan (6'7, 265, 4.7) out of Armwood High School it has been quite a journey and his time is almost here.

Matt Patchan

Patchan recently made his final official visit of the season to Miami. He had previously visited Florida and LSU, so how did this one go?

"It was good," said Patchan. "I had a pretty good time. Miami didn't play too well, but it is that kind of year for them. They are rebuilding. I've been to Miami several times before with my mom and dad so I really didn't see anything that I hadn't already seen."

Did the visit change anything and where does he currently stand with recruiting?

"Overall recruiting has been going good and I am down to three schools," said Patchan. "They are LSU, Florida and Miami and I think it will remain that way until I make my decision sometime in mid-December."

Who has the 5-star recruit kept in touch with the most out of those 3 schools?

"I speak to coaches from all of those schools, but I talk to coach [Earl] Lane and [Les] Miles every week," Patchan answered. "We usually talk about the LSU program, how they are doing and how my team is doing, where LSU is going and what to expect next year."'s #4 ranked lineman has been busy helping his team make it to the playoffs, but he has still made time to watch the Tigers play. How does he rate their last few performances?

"I think they have been playing well," Patchan responded. "Some of the games have been close, but it is the SEC and you can't expect them to blow every team out. They have been winning games and that is all that matters.

"What I like about LSU the most is all of the talent they have," Patchan added. "It might scare some recruits away, but it attracts me more. I feel like the more competition you have then the better you will become. I mean I want to play early, maybe even next year, but who doesn't. I want to earn my playing time though. I do not want it given to me. I want to beat out the best people, like guys who may be future NFL draft picks. So I look at all of LSU's talent as a positive."

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