Johnson On LSU and A&M

Arp High School standout Sedrick Johnson (6'3.5, 196, 4.6) previously stated to that his verbal commitment to Texas A&M was a solid one, but actually about "80%". That was just over a month ago. Is that still the case?

Sedrick Johnson

"Don't know about Texas A&M and really do not want to talk about it," answered Johnson. "Honestly, I am not that much in to Texas A&M anymore."

Rumors surrounding a coaching change at Texas A&M have kind of broken ties between Johnson and the school.

"I heard Texas A&M might be getting a new coach and that will probably change my mind depending on who the new guy is," said Johnson. "And how I feel about the new coach will determine if I go there or not. I am expecting Texas A&M to tell me if they are getting a new coach or not as soon as they find out."

With that said there are also rumors around Tiger country that Head Coach Les Miles might be on his way to Ann Arbor, Michigan after this season. What kind of effect would that have on Johnson's decision if he were to be leaning towards LSU in the end?

"I've heard about that," said Johnson. "I spoke to coach [D.J.] McCarthy last week and he didn't say anything about it, but next time I speak with any coaches from LSU that will be something I am going to ask them about."

Being that there is still much of the season left to go with bowl games, what kind of response is Johnson expecting to get from the LSU coaching staff regarding a coaching change?

"I expect them to tell me the truth and to be straight up with me," Johnson responded. "If they wouldn't be honest with me, it would bother me a lot and it would tell me that coach Miles is a dishonest person."

If Miles were to leave would it have the same effect as the A&M coaching change?

"Yes," Johnson answered. "I might have 2nd thoughts on LSU if coach Miles were to leave and once again it would depend on who replaces him. Right now I like LSU's team. I could fit in with their offense because they are well balanced. They can do pretty much whatever they want on offense. They can run it or pass it and that's why they are the #1 team in the country. And their defense is great as well.

"So I would have to see who the new coach would be and what type of offense he intends on running," Johnson added. "It is important to me what type of offense a team runs. I want to go to a team that is either well balanced or is more pass oriented. I want to play for a team that wants to get me the ball."

Note: Johnson also stated he intends on making his official announcement before signing day. According to Johnson, his top teams are currently LSU, Texas A&M, Missouri, TCU, Arizona St. and Iowa St.

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