Linebacker Visiting For Arkansas

The day after Thanksgiving might serve not only as the busiest shopping day of the year for malls nation wide, but maybe a decent shopping day for one Florida recruit as well. Ridge Community High School product Vincent Williams (6'1, 215, 4.7) will be making an official visit to Death Valley on Friday to watch LSU take on Arkansas.

Vincent Williams

Earlier in the year Williams gave a verbal commitment to Florida St, but says his eyes will remain open until his name is officially signed.

"This weekend will be my first trip ever to Baton Rouge," said Williams. "I will be heading up there with my parents. I am looking forward to seeing a win as well as all that LSU has to offer. I am looking at what kind of education they can provide for me as well as its football prestige and its fans.

"I know I gave a verbal to Florida St, but I still feel like I need to find out for sure if I made the right choice," Williams added. "You really do not know what you have until you have something to compare it to and that is why I am going to check out LSU. I think it would be immature on my part to not take visits to other schools to see what else is out there."'s #16 ranked middle linebacker says he has been in touch with some coaches, but not as much as before.

"Coach Lane from LSU still calls me," Williams informed. "He calls me or I call him sometimes. We have a good relationship. Recruiting hasn't been super extreme like it was in the beginning of this season though. I like it how it is now."

How have the rumors regarding a possible coaching change in Baton Rouge affected Williams?

"I've heard people talking about that around here," answered Williams. "For me there is more to a team than a head coach. I don't think LSU wouldn't be LSU anymore if coach Miles were to leave. It would still be LSU.

"None of the LSU coaches have mentioned anything about it to me," Williams added. "It will not be something I am going to bring up on my trip either. I think that is a private issue and it's something that should stay between the coaches."

In his spare time Williams has had the chance to watch the Tigers play a little. Does he feel they should be ranked as the #1 team in the country?

"I like the way they have been playing," said Williams. "I really like how they are using their linebackers. LSU is recruiting me as an outside linebacker, but I would rather play inside linebacker because that is usually the guy that calls the plays and leads the defense.

"LSU is clearly the best team in the nation," said Williams. I've been telling my dad that all year. I mean who are they going to play in the title game? Kansas? I wouldn't even want to watch that game because LSU would destroy Kansas. It wouldn't even be a game.

The 3-star recruit had a message for the guys at that credit his star ranking.

"I should be higher than 3-stars," Williams stated. "It's funny because nobody really knows how or what I play, but they compare me to other guys. What most people do not know about me is that my team has 22 players on the roster. I play both ways including special teams and I still have as good of stats as the guys ranked ahead of me. I feel like I am more aggressive and quicker than those guys too."

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