Miles address media on Monday

The following is a transcript of LSU coach Les Miles' comments during his Monday press luncheon.

Opening statement…

"As I looked at the Ole Miss game, I felt there were a number of strong performances. I liked the way the offense moved the football. I liked our balance. Had we stayed on the field a little longer we would have done a little better. I thought the offense gave us what they needed to. They controlled the ball and made the pass plays we needed to. I enjoyed the play of our quarterback (Matt Flynn). I thought he played extremely well. I enjoyed the way our running backs played. (Jacob) Hester played hard and we also gave it to (Richard) Murphy, Charles Scott and Keiland Williams. We enjoy that mix. It was certainly a strong day on offense."

On his team's offensive M.V.P…

"Our offensive M.V.P. is a guy that has given us great leadership and has worked hard. He has improved game after game. It is our big left guard Herman Johnson. He had a really good game. He swallowed up guys and drove them off the ball. He gave us exactly what we need on the offensive line."

On how the special teams played…

"I really think our special teams' performance was better in spots. If you look at our attack, we wanted to kick the ball off and come down the field with an aggressive tackle. That piece of our special teams improved dramatically from last week.. This (Ole Miss) was a very good return team. No question that they have talent in the return game."

"I felt like our kickoff return team did a great job in fielding a number of unusual kicks. We spend a lot of time fielding sky kicks, unusual hopers and onside kicks because we are a team that other people are looking to steal possessions against.. We are prepared for an unusual style of kick. We had a number of guys that had special performances on special teams. R.J. Jackson makes a clutch onside-kick reception along with (Jacob) Hester. There was momentum in that game and that momentum was gained by a punt return of theirs. We had the ability to come right back in one play and answer their swing. It absolutely took the wind out of the opponent's sail. That was done by Trindon Holiday.. It was a spectacular return and one that we blocked pretty well. Trindon Holiday put his own characteristic on it, which is great speed."

"We are thrilled with how Colt David has performed, not only that game but throughout the season. He set an LSU record for field goals (21) and points (122.) He is the leading scorer in the conference. I would be surprised if there is a better PAT or field goal kicker in the conference."

"Special teams is better overall. We are going to tweak our coverage a little bit. We have a big-booming leg at punter (Patrick Fisher), so when he had that kick for 39 yards, we were all thinking how short of a punt it was. We overran that return and several guys were up the field beyond the ball. It just goes to show you how spoiled we get. A 39-yard punt is a short punt for our guys. We believe there is a fast and easy way to fix that. We are working on that and it is something we will be spending more time on during a short week."

On how the defense performed…

"Our defense is a little sore right now. I think they are mad. They want to play better. It is a tradition of ours to sign a chain link that we post in our building after each victory. It is a matter of pride and how you feel you contributed that week. Every guy, from the scout team and beyond that feels they contributed significantly to that victory up to their standards. It is a personal decision whether they want to sign that link. There were a number of guys who played really well, but did not sign it. They were not satisfied with their performance. I enjoy that feeling. I know they will come to work this week with a want and desire to improve. I thought they played well when we needed it. When they came in the red zone we made big plays at key times in the game. I like our defense and they will come to play. We expect that we will see a strong defensive effort against Arkansas."

On S Craig Steltz

"Craig Steltz was the SEC Defensive Player of the Week and he was also our defensive player. If you watch the film, there were so many times where the ball broke out and when there was an opportunity for a guy to make a significant tackle in space, it was Craig Steltz. I would be surprised if he wasn't the finest safety, not only in the conference but in the country. He is having a great year and we are proud of him."

On facing Arkansas

"We are playing a team that is extremely capable. This Arkansas team has a great offense with two of the finest running backs (Darren McFadden and Felix Jones) in the country. They have great special teams. Their defense is nationally ranked and extremely strong on third down. We understand when we kick off or we are on offense or defense that we have to be ready to play. This is not just about showing up, we have something very important to play for. We look forward to it.."

On playing for the "The Boot" against Arkansas

"The Boot is added significance for us. We have won it the last five times, but this victory sets up our next two games. There is nothing that we will go by. Our preparation for Arkansas will be very sincere."

On the Arkansas game being senior day…

"This will also be senior day, this is the winningest class in the history of LSU. They have 54 wins and have won the most SEC games with 32. They have the most 10-win seasons with four. They have won the most games against top-25 teams with 19 and top-10 victories with nine. They have been ranked for 80 straight weeks, which is longer than any other senior class in school history. They are a special group of men. When they take the field, there will be a lot of emotion. I look forward to their performance."

On this being the last home game this year…

"We enjoy returning to Tiger Stadium and it is the last one this year. I kept looking at the schedule hoping there was a way we could have another one but this is the last one. I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy it. It is going to be a heck of a game. It is going to be a Thanksgiving weekend classic. Go home and enjoy some turkey and then come to the stadium and watch LSU play Arkansas. We understand that there is a lot riding on that game, as we did with Ole Miss. I can't tell you how many purple and gold fans there were in that stadium. I can't tell you how loud they were when we did great things. I can't tell you how much our guys enjoy traveling and representing LSU. Now we are home for the last one and we expect it to be the best."

On the Michigan rumors…

"I have to cover this other issue. A year ago this day we had to postpone this meeting because I was at a funeral where I buried a great friend and an old coach (Bo Schembechler.) I enjoyed the relationship I had with him and that school for years.. That is history. I was asked to promo a book to honor him and his memory. It's "Bo's Lasting Lessons." I did that as a specific favor to him and his wife. It was in no way meant to represent Michigan. It is just my history and a responsibility, a very loyal responsibility to that spirit and time."

"Coach (Lloyd) Carr, a great coach at Michigan, just retired. He has done it all. As an alumnus of that school, I am so happy that he was the coach. I am happy for the success he had and how he treated the players that wear the maize and blue. Those things can't change. But now, I have to say I am not talking jobs, don't look for jobs and don't want jobs. I have a great job. I love this place. This is a place where I am comfortable and my family is comfortable. Michigan has not called. It's unfair to Michigan to say that they should and it is unfair to me and my time. What I am doing is what you should be doing – let it rest. I am playing football for LSU. I am preparing for Arkansas. I am going to be ready for the next game and the game after that. I love this team. I would not do anything to hurt it."

"I don't want to talk about jobs and don't care about jobs. I don't want to involve myself in that thought process. It is counter-productive to preparation."

On the team's plans for Thanksgiving…

"What has happened in the past is on Wednesday night we have sent the team and coaches home. On Thursday, we have a Thanksgiving meal as a team on campus and our families will come. It is a great tradition. We will do a light workout on Thursday and finish the week on Friday."

On what problems it created when Ole Miss switched quarterbacks…

"I promise you this that was a tremendously athletic quarterback (Brent Schaeffer.) He played well and fast. There were some serious adjustments that needed to be made and were difficult to make on game day. It became a game where rush lanes became important and we tried to keep him in the pocket to make him throw. There were a number of strategies that we used. Some worked and some didn't."

On the injury status of WR Trindon Holliday

"I can only tell you that he had that problem earlier this year. He came into the game and he limped around early but by the time it came along he was looking a lot better. I would expect that he will play against Arkansas. Although he is the fastest man in track, he is not a track man. He is a football player. A tough, hard-nosed team guy. There may not be a tougher guy on our team pound-for-pound or inch-for-inch."

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