Nelson Focused on Winning

Destrehan High School product Jerico Nelson (5-10, 198, 4.5) spoke to recently about his current season as well as his intentions with recruiting.

"We have one more game to win to get to the Dome," Nelson stated. "We play Westgate High School this week and after that I am confident our next game will be in New Orleans. Last Friday I played offense and defense. On offense I had 5 carries for 50 yards and 3 touchdowns. Then I made 6 tackles on defense."

Being that his game was on Friday, Nelson was unable to watch the entire LSU vs. Arkansas game, but he did catch a piece of it.

"We watched a little of the game on T.V," Nelson said. "We had to get ready for the game so we listened to the end of it on the radio. In a way I thought LSU should've won, but then again in a rival game anything can happen."

The three-star running back confirmed the rumors that there is a possibility he and cornerback Robby Green from John Curtis High School will make their announcements on the same day.

"Robby is one of my good friends," said Nelson. "We were really close when I played at John Curtis with him. On the Alabama visit we talked about some of the schools recruiting us and we had a lot of those teams in common. We kind of discussed making our announcements on the same day and to possibly the same school."

Which schools are on their lists?

"Right now it is out of LSU, Florida, Alabama and USC," Nelson answered.

Nelson informed of his thoughts on coach Les Miles' and LSU.

"The coach Miles situation will play a role in my final decision," said Nelson. "I would like to know if he is going to be there or not and also if all of the assistants will still be there. If he would leave I would want to know who the next coach was going to be before I'd decide as well.

"I spoke to coach [Larry] Porter a couple of weeks ago about it and he said he'd get back with me after the season," Nelson added. "I know it is kind of a private situation, but I'd rather coach Miles tell me so I'd know what's going on."

Note: One of the top two-way players in the state of Louisiana, Nelson finished his junior season with 1,069 yards and 15 touchdowns in his first year at running back. He had eight picks as a sophomore at safety and two as a junior.

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