McCray Likes Miles' Decision

Dunnelon High School product Lerentee McCray (6'2, 200, 4.5) finished his senior season recently with 178 tackles, 7 sacks, 1 interception on defense. The talented Florida star spent a little time on offense as well finishing the year with 54 carries for 456 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Lerentee McCray

The student athlete admitted his focus on recruiting is a little easier now with football out of the way.

"Recruiting has been going good," said McCray. "I've been trying to figure where is the best place for me. It's a little bit easier now because I made a couple of visits and I know more about the schools recruiting me."

The 4-star linebacker has welcomed a couple of coaches to his home and has plans to meet with a few more.

"Coaches from Miami came to my house a while back and some coaches from USF came to my school," McCray stated. "USF was talking to me about football and Miami kind of just spoke to my mom because she went to school there and I kind of know a good bit about the school already because of that.

"Some coaches from Tennessee just left my house tonight (Monday)," McCray continued. "They were informing me about their school, its academic program and were telling me about coach [Philip] Fulmer's coaching history. I am taking a visit to Tennessee this weekend, but before that I am expecting coaches from South Carolina to stop by my house on Wednesday and coaches from LSU on Thursday. I might take 2 more visits in January as well to South Carolina and Florida St."

How has the in home visits from various schools and his upcoming trip to Tennessee affected his relationship with Miami?

"Miami still talks to me, but not nearly as much as they use to," said McCray. "I really do not know what to say about that. I mean if they are going to treat me that way before I even get to school there then I wonder how they will treat me once I would get there."

What schools has's #4 ranked linebacker kept in touch with?

"I just spoke to coach [Doug] Mallory from LSU," McCray answered. "He was telling me I would get a good look if I went to school there because [Ali] Highsmith is leaving and then we talked about how LSU is playing for the national title. He said he wanted me to watch Highsmith and how they use him because that would be the position I would be playing if I decided to go to school there."

Is the title game something that may affect McCray's decision?

"I am excited for LSU," said McCray. "However, I am more excited about their future than them being in the title game. I mean if I would choose LSU then I would be a part of their future and not their past.

"LSU has a shot at having a bright future if they can bring in a good recruiting class this season because they are losing some people at key positions primarily with Ali Highsmith and Glenn Dorsey leaving."

LSU's defensive coordinator Bo Pellini is leaving as well. How big of a role does that play in McCray's decision?

"It is a big factor," said McCray. "Coach Pellini seemed like a real cool dude when I spoke with him on my visit to LSU. We had a good conversation. I am sure that the new defensive coordinator will bring in a new style and I am a little concerned if I would be able to fit in. It is something I am going to think about."

LSU almost lost another key guy in coach Les Miles. What did it mean to McCray to hear Miles announce he was staying?

"On my visit to LSU coach Miles asked if I heard rumors that he would be leaving after this season," McCray stated. "He was straight up 100% with me and said he was not going anywhere. On Saturday morning I saw on T.V that he was supposed to be leaving for Michigan and I thought that was crazy because he had just told me a few weeks ago he wasn't. So then later in the day when I saw him announce he was staying I thought to myself now that is the coach Miles that I know."

Note: McCray informed his plans in January regarding more official visits are tentative and there is a good possibility he could have his official decision made before then.

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