Where Does Hatcher Stand?

The recruiting scene brings in so much excitement that it is often difficult to keep certain secrets from getting out. Karnell Hatcher (6'2, 190, 4.6) had first hand experience in dealing with that.

Karnell Hatcher

"When I gave my commitment to LSU, it was understood that it was just a soft verbal and I didn't want it getting out," Hatcher expressed. "After it happened I told the coaches it upset me a little, but I guess that's how things turn out sometimes. I'm over it now, though."

The 4-star recruit has kept in touch with LSU since then along with a handful of other schools.

"I spoke to coach [D.J.] McCarthy the other night," Hatcher stated. "We still talk about the same things."Coaches from South Carolina, Michigan, Clemson and South Florida have all come to my house for visits as well.

"It is pretty much the same routine as before," said Hatcher. "They really speak with my mom and my brother to tell you the truth. I do not know when my next in home visit will be and it is still up in the air if I am going to make my scheduled visits to South Carolina and Auburn. That is something I am going to talk to my mom about and really think about."

The one factor that could have taken a sudden turn with Hatcher is the upcoming departure of defensive coordinator Bo Pelini and if Miles would have bolted for Big 10 country.

"I didn't expect him (Pelini) to be leaving," said Hatcher. "I was surprised to hear that. He was the coach that I was probably closest with out of all of them. I am happy to hear coach Miles is staying though because if he would've left as well then that would have really changed things for me."

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