TIGER BYTES: Signed, Sealed and Delivered

LSU took another huge step in the way of securing the services of head coach Les Miles on Thursday.

Before a meeting of LSU's Athletic Committee, Miles and LSU came to terms on a new contract that would lock the third year coach into a deal keeping him in Baton Rouge through the 2012 season.

"I look forward to many years as the LSU head coach," Miles said after receiving a standing ovation when he took the podium. "I'm so fortunate to represent LSU. I'm thrilled to be here."

Miles stands to make between $2.9 and $3.5 million a year based on old clauses in his previous contract signed in 2006. Miles entered his third season at LSU making $1.8 million, but his contract stated should he win the SEC, he'd receive a bump listing him among the top three highest paid coaches in the conference.

Miles and the Tigers won the 2007 SEC Title last weekend in Atlanta by defeating Tennessee 21-14. By virtue of some shuffling in the national polls, the Tigers will now play for the national championship on Jan.7 versus Ohio State in the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans.

Miles now stands to make in the neighborhood of $2.9 million, thus depending on other conference coaches receiving a raise. Currently, Alabama's Nick Saban is the league and nation's highest paid coach receiving $3.5 million annually. Behind Saban are Florida's Urban Meyer ($3.3 million) and Auburn's Tommy Tuberville ($2.6 million).

The 2006 contract also stated should Miles win the BCS National Title, he must become one of the top three highest paid coaches in college football. That all could change as well in terms of the changes in other coaches salaries.

"Those were all built in before there was ever any interest from Michigan," LSU athletic director Skip Bertman told Gannet News Service. "He was getting that anyway. He didn't use Michigan to get more money. He got more years at the end of his contract. This is a unique guy. He's not like some other coaches. He told people in this room he wasn't going to Michigan, and he never was. He never leveraged Michigan."

There is speculation out of Ann Arbor that Michigan may again true to pursue Miles to replace Lloyd Carr as the next coach of the Wolverines. However, considering Miles comments before and the after the SEC Title game, the fact the Tigers are playing for the national title and the latest news of him signing a new contract with LSU, it seems he will remain in Baton Rouge for many years to come.

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