Smith Wins Another Title

The last time caught up with P.J Smith (6'4, 190, 4.6) he was overcoming his team's loss to St. James High School. This time he talked up about their recent rematch in the title game.

P.J. Smith

"It feels pretty good, "said Smith. "We won 28-13 and they shouldn't have scored the 13 points. I guess you could say we got payback on them."

Now that football is out of the way Smith is starting to give his full attention to recruiting.

"Recruiting is going alright," said Smith. "I am about to start really breaking down the teams I am considering. I am going to take all 5 of my officials, but I am not sure where just yet. It is a good possibility the visits will be out of LSU, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas and Arizona St."

Smith not only has plans to make out of state visits, but he also has plans to host some coaches from various teams this week at his home.

"I am expecting to see a few coaches from different schools this week," he said. "I'd prefer not to say who just yet or at least not until after they visit. I don't want people to start assuming I am going to a certain school just because the coach came to my house. I will tell you that one of the coaches coming to my house for a visit is from Tulane. I'll also tell you that there is a good possibility I will end up at one of the schools I am expecting to get a visit from this week."

How does the other home town team (LSU) stand with the 3-star safety?

"LSU is still high on my list," said Smith. "I still speak to coach [Larry] Porter every week. He called me Thursday, came to my school on Friday and to the title game Friday night. I also spoke with coach [Les] Miles not too long ago."

What did coach Miles' decision do to Smith?

"I was happy to hear that he was staying," said Smith. "He told me a long time ago he wasn't leaving though so I never really thought he was going to. He said to me why should I leave LSU when they have everything that I need. The only way I thought he would even think about leaving LSU was if they lost the SEC title game. With that said coach [Bo] Pelini's decision to leave really didn't affect me too much either."

Note: Smith said he plans on breaking down his top schools within the next two weeks and then narrowing things down from there. He helped lead his team to their 4th straight state title (22nd overall) Friday night defeating St. James High School 28-13.

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