FEINSWOG: These Are The Good Ole Days

So let's say you just woke up from an eight-year coma or had been held hostage someplace where you didn't get ESPN.

And as you were welcomed back you were told all sorts of things, like how people actually use their cell phones to work the internet and watch TV, or that George Bush is finishing his second term as president, or how reality TV shows rule, or that we' ve been fighting in a war for more than five years or that dot.com boom went bust.

And you'd nod and smile.

But when they told you LSU had just won its second national football championship in five years, well, that would just put you over the edge.

Yeah, right, you'd say.

C'mon. Really, how's LSU doing?

Well, since suffering through two losing seasons, which made it eight in 11 years, the Tigers are the toast of college football.


LSU has the best program in the sport. And that's a far cry from the days of the late 1980s and most of the 1990s.

So, for all of you LSU fans who said any or all of the following, just stop it. Just sit back and enjoy what should have been the most fun season you've ever been a part of.

-- There were LSU fans who declared the Tigers would go 12-0 in the regular season. If you predicted that, put your purple-and-gold sunglasses away and pay homage to coach Les Miles, who was roasted nationally for pointing out that his team never lost in regulation.

-- Some LSU fans actually said they'd rather go 10-2 than 11-1 if it meant losing to Alabama and Nick Saban. If you said that, slap yourself upside your head.

-- How many of you complained about LSU not using all its running backs enough? How about yet another high five for Jacob Hester and for Gary Crowton, the first-year offensive coordinator who took the Tigers to the best offensive season in school history.

-- If you said you were glad Bo Pelini was leaving for Nebraska and you didn't like his defense anyway, especially because LSU didn't blitz enough, slap the other side of your head.

-- And if you said you didn't think Pelini should return to coach the defense, well, someone else should slap you.

These are the good old days at LSU.

This was the season that was, with successful fourth-down tries and trick plays and great comebacks and everything falling into place for the Tigers.

Remember the dates, December 1, 2007, and January 7, 2008.

The first was when we were told to "Have a great day!" and when LSU beat Tennessee and Oklahoma beat Missouri and Pitt shocked West Virginia. As it turns out, that was the biggest upset of the season, not Appalachian State over Michigan.

The second was the night of the BCS title, when LSU whipped Ohio State and secured its place as the best program in the land.

So if you've been missing for eight years, well, believe it. We're still in a war and you can't get that dot.com money back, but we will get a new president.

And LSU is on an eight-year roll that is the envy of the college-football world.


Baton Rouge sportswriter Lee Feinswog is the host of the weekly television show Sports Monday. He's covered LSU athletics since 1984. His book HoopDaddy is available at www.HoopDaddy.net and he'll be happy to sell you an autographed copy of first book, Tales From the LSU Sidelines. Contact Lee at sportsmonday@aol.com or (225) 926-3256.

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