Porter Waits Patiently

Most high school students are unsure of what they want to with their future or what school college they want to attend. That may be true for them, but not for Rufus Porter (6'2, 205, 4.8). The Destrehan product is already looking for life beyond high school and college.

"They only school I've really been receiving a lot of letters from is Connecticut," Porter explained. "I am kind of shocked because I thought I would've heard from other schools by now, but I talked to guys like Jordan Jefferson and he said he didn't really start receiving stuff until the summer time. So I am hoping to at least hear from schools by then."

The talented linebacker was in attendance at the Mobile football clinic last month and walked away with a different perspective of what college football might have in store for him.

"I thought I did pretty well at the camp," Porter admitted. "It was very competitive and the coaches kept telling me good job and stuff like that so I think a few of them may have liked me. I also got to meet different players from all over so it was nice.

"The thing that surprised me the most at the camp was the play of the running backs," Porter added. "The running backs there were big, strong and really fast. It just showed me that I have to continue to hit the weights and work harder if I am going to make it at the next level."

Although the head-hunter acknowledged it is still early in the game, he still claimed to have 3 very early favorites.

"If I had to name them today, my top 3 schools would be LSU, Texas and Miami," Porter stated. "I would love to go to any of those schools. I like Texas because I am from Texas and that would be nice. On the other hand, I would love to go to LSU because most of my family is down here in Louisiana and it would allow me to stay close to them. I also like LSU because a lot of pro scouts look at LSU for defensive players.

"I like Miami for two reasons," Porter continued. "A lot of guys in the NFL went to Miami so it is kind of known for helping guys get to the next level. The other reason would be because one of my cousins is a big Miami fan and it would make him happy if I went to school there."

Note: Porter claimed his max in bench to be 300lbs. and in squat 420lbs. Porter finished his junior year with nearly 100 tackles and 2 sacks.

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