Utah OL Has LSU Offer

At a young age, many kids grow up fantasizing about playing for their favorite team. However, very few will ever get a real opportunity at doing so and even sometimes the ones that do get the chance to change their minds.

John Martinez (6'4, 260, 4.8) spoke to TigerRag.com about his childhood dreams versus his up-to-the-minute reality.

"I grew up being a fan of Utah, BYU and USC hoping to one day get the chance to play for them," Martinez stated. "Now that I am a little older I look at things differently. As a kid you might think man that school is tight and want to go there, but now I see that you have to choose what's good for you.

"I am still kind of surprised that I have received so many offers this early," Martinez added. "I thought I'd get like 2 or 3 offers from good programs and the rest from OK programs. I never imagined it to be like it is now.

Some of the "good" programs the Cottonwood High School product was talking about were teams such as LSU, USC, Miami, UCONN, Oklahoma St, BYU, Utah, Stanford, Colorado and Arizona.

According to the hog-molly, those teams may be in for a long wait.

"I am pretty wide-open with all of those teams right now," Martinez admitted. "I do not currently have a favorite. I think I will probably make my decision on signing day of next year."

The gifted student-athlete may currently be denying a favorite, but he did admit to be being amazed by one team in particular.

"I went to the LSU vs. Arkansas game last season," Martinez informed. "Besides being surprised that LSU lost the game, I was also really amazed by the fans at the game. It was incredible! I've never seen so many people at a football game. I think there was over 90,000 people inside of the stadium and like another 30,000 outside of it just tail-gaiting."

Obviously, Martinez is interested in the loyalty of the fans and their support, but he also claimed there will be other factors in his final decision as well.

"I want to go to a school that has a lot to offer me academically," Martinez stated. "I will also be looking at who the offensive line and weight-lifting coaches are. Team unity is also another very important trait a team must possess with me. I want to go to a team that has a strong team unity. I do not want to play for a team that is filled with guys that hate each other."

Note: As a junior, Martinez earned All-State and All-Region honors in the state of Utah. He says his max in bench is 345lbs. and in squat it is 445lbs.

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