Ferrell Has LSU On His Map

Student-athletes today, for the most part, are looking to just have fun. Some, soon-to-be collegiate football stars list "fun" as one of the components included in their final decision. However, that is not the case for Willie Ferrell (6'1, 220, 4.6).

"Everything has been going good," Ferrell stated. "I just got finished working out."

The Florida A&M University High School product claimed to only have a max in bench and not in squat for matters which were out of his control.

"I maxed out in bench a while back at around 365lbs," Ferrell stated. "I do not really have a max in squat because my high school does not have a squat rack in our weight room. Whenever we do squats we have 3 guys assisting with 1 on each side and 1 in the back. The most weight we usually do is about 10 reps at around 300lbs."

Not having a squat rack may be holding Ferrell up in figuring a max in squat, but it is not preventing him from receiving a ton of collegiate attention.

"My friend Richard Washington (2008 Georgia Tech commit) was joking with me the other day," Ferrell stated. "I had 4 huge garbage bags in my bedroom full of letters from schools and he was telling me how I was being recruited heavier than he was. He has been helping me out a lot with recruiting lately. He told me how I have to make sure I have my grades and school stuff situated before I do anything else."

Grades and focus are the least of Ferrell's problems. The student-athlete currently holds a 2.6 G.P.A in the classroom and has witnessed the realities of life first hand.

"I have offers from LSU, FIU and FAMU," Ferrell informed. "A couple of other schools like South Carolina and UCF are supposed to be sending me an offer as well. I really do not have a list of favorites. I am interested in any team that has a good program going for them right now.

"I am looking at different things," Ferrell added. "The first thing I want to know about a school and its football team is its graduation rate for its players. Education is extremely important to me. Next, I want to know how the coaches are and what types of schemes do they run. Finally, I want to tour the town and see what it consists of. I am not looking for a big-time party place. I am trying to separate myself from that."

Ferrell's desire to create space between "fun" and partying are for reasons that stem from personal testimonies.

"Growing up my family wasn't the richest on the block, but instead one of the poorest," Ferrell explained. "We didn't have much. My mom always told me that education was the key. It was what was going to help me and football will not last forever. My mom herself went back to school and took some college business courses and she recently opened up her own business.

"I am keeping everything in perspective," Ferrell continued. "My goal is that when I turn 24 years old I'll be able to take care of my mom and my sister so that they will never have to work again. And if they decide to work it will because they want to and not because they have to."

The Florida, 1st team All-State and All-District member claimed to be known around town as the "crazy" guy because of his lifestyle and priorities.

"People are always telling me that I take life too seriously," Ferrell said. "I am always watching game film and stuff like that instead of partying and they think that's crazy. But guess what, on Fridays I know all of my opponent's plays. I am dedicating my life to education and football for my family. I am thinking about life down the line and how it will be so much better for us by me sacrificing myself right now for a brighter future."

Sacrifice is something Ferrell noticed in someone else at the next level. The goodwill of one man was for the better of another. The goodwill was received by someone dear to Ferrell, his brother.

"I remember when LSU was considering offering my brother," Ferrell confessed. "I'll never forget how coach [Josh] Henson kept helping my brother even after LSU quit recruiting him. He would tell my brother what to look for in a school and what types of questions to ask the coaches. I look at coach Henson as a mentor and that's why I have a really good relationship with him and LSU. He's really cool.

"LSU has always been on the map with me," Ferrell added. "I was supposed to be going to their Jr. Day this weekend, but my mom's birthday is on Saturday so I will not be able to make that trip. I spoke to coach [Les] Miles when they offered me, but I speak with coach [Bradley Dale] Peveto most of the time. The coaching staff is what I really like about LSU because I do not feel like they are pressuring me to go there. The one thing I do not like is someone pressuring me to do something. So if I feel like a coach is pressuring me to go to his school then I am probably not going to end up going there."

The focused linebacker is open to just about anyone at this point and is uncertain when he will pull the trigger on his decision. He claimed the decision could come soon or later.

"I plan on taking all of my visits, with my first probably coming on my team's bye-week," Ferrell concluded. "I do not know when I'll have my decision made. I do know deciding what college to attend is one of the biggest decisions of my life. I'll probably do whatever God tells me to do. I am a very religious person and so I'll base my decision off of whatever I am feeling in my heart."

Note: Ferrell is scheduled to take both the ACT and the SAT in April.

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