Brady not pleased with veterans in scrimmage

LSU basketball coach John Brady put his Tigers through a trio of 12-minute scrimmages Monday but apparently had seen enough during the fourth one.<br><br>Halfway through the final eight-minute period, Brady blew the whistle and ordered the team into the squad room.

"I wasn't pleased with our two fifth-year guys and our other two seniors, and I told them that," said Brady. "It filters down if they don't play the game. There's a difference in performing and playing the game. They didn't play the game today."

Brady said he is hoping for Collis Temple, Brad Bridgewater, Ronald Dupree and Torris Bright to set a better example for younger players, two of whom he commended for their performance in the scrimmage. Guards Tony Gipson and Darrel Mitchell distinguished themselves with their play, according to Brady.

The Tigers won't scrimmage again before they play Global Sports on Thursday, but Brady said he expects his team to "leave tired" after Tuesday's work out.

As for what he expects from the first exhibition game, Brady says he hopes Global Sports can issue a wake-up call to the Tigers following their less-than-satisfactory scrimmage.

"I'd like them to beat us by about 20 so we can figure out what it will take," Brady explained. "Basketball has exhibition games. Football doesn't have exhibition games, so Virginia Tech was it for them and then they found it."

NCAA rules force teams to declare their redshirts prior to any exhibition games, so the LSU coaching staff has to consider their options before Thursday night. Brady said one or two players are up for the designation.

The plan for Brady is to play as many as ten or eleven players against Global Sports with hopes of finding out which of his players are ready to make contributions once the season begins. The Tigers will play their second and final exhibition game on Friday, Nov. 15, against Houston Sports before beginning the 2002-03 campaign a week later against Nicholls State.

Brady mixed his teams in each of the scrimmage periods, using last year's starters against the newcomers and reserves in the first 12 minutes and a hodge-podge through the remainder of the game-situation workout.

Dupree led the Gold team to a 23-20 win in the opening 12 minutes with six points, while Shawnson Johnson had six for the Purple. It took almost three minutes for anyone to score a field goal in the scrimmage, with Bright breaking the seal on a baseline lay-up for the Gold team to put it ahead 3-2 at the 9:05 mark.

Temple hit three consecutive jumps shots in the middle of the second scrimmage to turn a three-point Purple lead into a four-point Gold edge. Temple finished with eleven points in the 30-23 win for the Gold. Dupree had the same total for the Purple but failed to score in the final four minutes.

The Purple team took the third scrimmage, 29-20, behind 12 points from Bright.

The Gold had an 8-4 lead with 4:02 remaining in the final scrimmage when Brady called off the remainder of the practice.

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