Q&A with Marcus Spears

LSU defensive end Marcus Spears talks about his injury and the Kentucky game.

Q: Do you think you're going to be able to play Saturday?

A: Yeah. I'm going to go – whether or not I'm 100 percent. 

Q: Why's it so hard to heal a high ankle sprain?

A: Because it's not just the ankle. It runs all up the side of your shin. And in the back where your Achilles is very weak. The muscles in your calf and in front of your ankle are really supporting all your body weight. The pain goes away but it's hard to get strength back. You've just got to continue to work on it, rehab and do stuff like that to come back. 

Q: How tough of a quarterback is Jared Lorenzen and what kind of problems does he create?

A: I think he's real tough to bring down if you watch past films. He's throwing the ball at least 30 to 40 yards with three guys hanging off of him. When we get back there, we just have to hit him. We're pretty big guys, too. If we come back there running fast, it's going to affect him. If we don't knock him down, we'll make him stumble until somebody else gets there. He's a good quarterback. He's playing well and leading the team, so we definitely have to affect him in the game. 

Q: Last year Shane Boyd started and Jared Lorenzen came in a nearly pulled a comeback. How does it affect you if they choose to use both quarterbacks at different times?

A: It's a big adjustment when you change quarterbacks because usually you go from a quarterback who's a pocket passer to a scrambler. So you can change your lane assignments and things like that. But as far as getting to him on the pass rush, you just have to be very focused on your lanes and not let him get out of containment. But I don't think Jared is going to run that much.

Q: Did you talk to Melvin Oliver about his performance at Auburn and was it tough to watch him replace you in that game?

A: It was real tough to have to watch. I just told Melvin to go play football. That's what he went out there to do, and I think he played well. I just kept him in the game, helped him on calls and things like that. They were holding him a lot, so I told him he's got to get their arms off of him. But I'm still learning and I told him the things coach told me.

Q: You're one of four guys on the team with eleven quarterback hurries. Is that a more important stat than sacks since hurries are more likely to lead to turnovers?

A: Coach (Saban) has said it's good to get the quarterback to hurry because you're not going to get a sack every time. If you can affect the quarterback and get in his face, that's more important. That's what coach told us. I would rather have a sack personally. But if I'm going to affect the quarterback by not letting him complete passes, that's fine with me. 

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